East Irondequoit
Alumni-Community Educational Foundation

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The East Irondequoit Educational Enrichment Fund was established in 1996 as the Lancer Foundation Fund through the efforts of members of the Eastridge Alumni Association. The name was changed to reinforce the broad focus of the foundation, which is to support and enhance educational opportunities for all students, across a broad spectrum of classroom and co-curricular activities. Fund-raising activities include donations, special projects and endowment funds.

The East Irondequoit Educational Enrichment Foundation is...

  • YOUR NEIGHBORS AND LOCAL LEADERS working together to make positive contributions NOW to the image and programs of the East Irondequoit Central School District.
  • YOUR ACTIONS building on the progress made in upgrading the district's programs.
  • CARING about programs, students and innovative teaching tools at every grade level from kindergarten through high school.
  • SUPPORT FOR ALL STUDENTS at all levels.
  • HELPING TO INSTILL COMMUNITY PRIDE and a sense of responsibility in our students. By our contributions to education, we set an example for tomorrow's community leaders.
  • PROVIDING SCHOLARSHIPS FOR students who are working hard to reach their full potential. We make a difference when we recognize sincere efforts of individual students, along with top achievers.
  • CONTRIBUTING TO TANGIBLE PROGRAMS AND RESOURCES for all grade levels, such as instructional equipment, library materials and other resources.
  • PROVIDING EMOTIONAL REWARDS...You can express your pride and commitment to the FUTURE of your neighborhood schools. If you are a graduate, the foundation is a way to give back some of the pride that has been invested in you. If you're a member of the East Irondequoit business community, or if you are simply a concerned area resident, the foundation offers a chance to invest in the future--and protect your investment in education--by helping the students of today.

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"Fund Request" Form
The East Irondequoit Enrichment Foundation/Eastridge Alumni Association provides donations for educational, extracurricular and athletic needs, to supplement regular funding or meet needs that fall outside the regular district budget. Criteria for requests are listed on the "Fund Request" form.

Commemorative Tile Project
Stop by the Eastridge Stadium, 2350 East Ridge Road to view
the first phase of the Lancer Commemorative Tile Project
which was unveiled on Saturday, October 1. Tiles still available
on a first come, first served basis.
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lANCER BlANKETS are back -- Bigger and Better!
Size 60" x 80" Plush Blanket
Cost: $50

Also available are SPIRIT STICKS DECALS
They are removable and reusable
Cost: $5

Blankets and decals are available at School Events, at the High School Main Office and at Central Office.
All proceeds benefit student enrichment programs in East Irondequoit

For questions contact: Kim Lasher 585-323-1512 or Sue Accorso 585-339-1213
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East Irondequoit Foundation Annual Events, click here


The Foundation paid to transport the
Lancer Marching Band to the Nazareth
Teen Book Fair in May 2011.

Autumn Gala 2011 at Jack's Place