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A message from Philip Oberst,
Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources

The East Irondequoit School District continually seeks highly qualified educators and support staff to achieve our mission of "Success Now". We have over 300 full-time and part-time teachers along with over 250 support staff. Our teachers present an instructional program that is aimed toward achieving the highest levels of success and achievement for all students. In addition the district provides on-going staff development and training for teachers in order to support professional development and growth.

The Office of Instruction coordinates the efforts of our directors, office staff, principals and numerous teachers who contribute as curriculum leaders, and committee members. These people work together to align our program and support our teachers with staff development and curriculum that fosters student success. Committees provided a forum to engage teachers in a dialogue about how we are doing and empower them to help us improve. Teachers receive server access and training to develop their own staff websites. We carefully monitor our program with timely reports to the community. The scope and quality of our curriculum and staff development are enriched by the participation of our entire school community.

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Human Resources Secretaries: Kim Sapienza, Darlene Carroll 339-1220


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