Professional Development, District Committees,
Curriculum Development, Assessment Data


Assistant Superintendent 
for Instruction

Mary Grow 


Sharon Deuel   Secretary to Assistant Superintendent for Instruction
585-339-1250 | email

Alice Yatarola  Secretary  339-1263 | email


The Office of Instruction coordinates the efforts of our directors, office staff, principals and numerous teachers who contribute as grade-level leaderscurriculum leaders, and committee members. These people work together to align our program and support our teachers with professional development and curriculum that fosters student success. 

Program Resources:
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Professional Development

K-12 Directors:
Mark Anson: Director of Secondary Education 339-1212 | email
Terri Robson: Director of Elementary Education 339-1224 | email
Mark Christman: K-12 Director of Instructional Data 339-1295 | email

Judith Kinz: K-6 Instructional Technology Specialist 339-1228 |  email
Lesley Powers: Director of Pupil Personnel Services 339- 1252| email
Wendy Baker: CPSE/CSE Chairperson 339- 1252|  email
Julie Buzzard: Secretary to PPS Director 339-1252 |  email

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