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Evaluating Web Sites

On-Line Teaching Tools

  • Certificate Creator
    ... 38 prebuilt certificates to choose from and customize in 5 different categories
  • Filamentality
    ...site will aid you in creating your own web based activities and host them. Registration required. From Pacific Bell's
  • Module Maker
    ... build your own Online Research Modules that will challenge your students to make up their own minds while supplying them with rich information to support such thinking
  • Puzzlemaker
  • Quia

Clip Art and Images

Curriculum Data Bases

Teaching in the Information Age

  • Developing WWW Research Lessons
    ...site that will help teachers to develop and post an Internet integrated lesson that will challenge students' higher order thinking skills, and give teachers ways to use the Internet as a tool in their classrooms.
  • edHelper.com
    ... education news, lesson plans, worksheets, websites, downloads, etc.
  • Education with New Technologies: Networked Learning Community
    ...developed by teachers and researchers at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, this site explores issues of improving teaching with technology integration, integrating new tools with classroom practice and curriculum, and collaboration with colleagues locally and around the world. Become part of this innovative community of educators.
  • From Now On
    ...The Educational Technology Journal
  • Secondary School Educators
  • Teach-nology.com
    ... web portal for educators

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Classroom Management

  • You Can Handle Them All
    ...This site shares a step-by-step approach to handling misbehavior at home and in school. An overview examines the causes of misbehavior, the core needs that motivate humans, and a four-step discipline model. A behavior index applies the model to over 100 specific misbehaviors.

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Lesson Plan Sites

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Detect and Prevent Internet Plagiarism

  • Eve
    ...track down Internet sources of plagiarism. Award winning commercial site. Free trial copy.
  • FindSame
    ... search content, not key words. My colleagues have mixed reactions to the reliability of this site.