Parent Information: Math Instruction at East Irondequoit

Welcome to the East Irondequoit mathematics web pages for parents.  The information contained on these web pages is intended to provide you with information that will help you support your child with math from Kindergarten through Grade 8.  You will find links to documents that will outline the state standards in math, guide you with homework, describe alternative computation strategies, as well as links to internet math sites.


The goal of our math program at East Irondequoit Central School District is to provide students with high quality, challenging, and relevant learning experiences that promote mathematical proficiency.  We want to produce learners who are both mathematically competent and confident, and who understand that a strong foundation for math can lead to great opportunities in the future.  We recognize that mathematical competence does not come from simply memorizing rules and procedures.  Competence means understanding mathematical relationships so that you can recognize those relationships and use them to make sense of information, situations, and problems that arise.  We want our students to understand that persistence is the key to sense-making and problem solving.  Mathematical confidence comes from knowing that you understand  both the beauty and applicability of mathematics.


The five components of mathematical proficiency that we promote are:

  1. Understanding:  Comprehending mathematical concepts, operations, and relations-knowing what mathematical symbols, diagrams, and procedures mean.

  2. Computing:  Carrying out mathematical procedures, such as adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing numbers flexibly, accurately, efficiently, and appropriately.

  3. Applying:  Being able to formulate problems mathematically and to devise strategies for solving them using concepts and procedures appropriately.

  4. Reasoning:  Using logic to explain and justify a solution to a problem or to extend from something known to something not yet known.

  5. Engaging:  Seeing mathematics as sensible, useful, and doable-if you work at it-and being wiling to do the work.


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