2012 Board of Education Recognition Award Ceremony: Added 6/6/2012


The East Irondequoit Board of Education recognized staff and community award recipients at the Board of Education Recognition Ceremony on June 11, in the East Irondequoit Middle School Cafetorium.

Listed below are the names of those that were honored at this ceremony.

Ten Years of Service:

Christine DiPaola, Kathryn Bryce, Joan Creatura, Beth Jenks, Giacomo Sciarrone, Rose Bridge, Mary Grow, Kathleen Healy, Sarah McDonell, Frank Sciolino, Jason Weber, Carol Falzone, Carole Otterstatter, Lillian Dabrowny.

Fifteen Years of Service:

Joseph Sutorius, Terese Norton, Nancy Biehler, Jeanne Deloria, Lisa Freer, Bambai Rocco, Lori Roe, Jeri-Lynn Hossen, Elizabeth Lespier, Brenda Wirth, Steven Archambeau, Michael Bailey, Kathleen Guentner, Darren McCarty, Korinne Migliore, Raymond Parise, Judy Realbuto, Brian Smith, Deanna Vancheri, Liza Coluccelli, Susan Kamb-Shepard, Donna Magliocca, Wendy Marasco, Robert Parsons, Julie Laskey, Marie Mitchell, Vanessa Overfield.

Twenty Years of Service:

John Campbell, Megan Bonafede, Mary Beth Morelle, Karen Kreuter, Donald Borland, Jan Nienhuis, Anthony Polvino, Patricia Polcyn-Williams, Maureen DiMaria, Kim Keefe, Kathleen McDonald, Donna Rankin, Angela Debellis, Rosemary Praino-Magill, Timothy Scheg.

Twenty Five Years of Service:

Donna Stein, Lucy Ferruzza, Sharon Gass, Susan Sparer.

Thirty Years of Service:

James Clark, Maria Arbore.


James Clark, Alan Shaffer, Donna Stein, Martha Fraver-Blum, Lynne Hanrahan, Rosemary Manza, Dee Dyson, Catherine Smith-Cole, Michael May.

Legacy Award:  The Legacy Award is a new award given to staff members who are perennially nominated for outstanding staff member, and who leave a lasting mark on the district with their lifelong commitment to education. 
Jill Tallinger, Andrew Cripps, John Edwards, Glen Cummings, Lori Fox.
Outstanding Staff Member:  Alan Shaffer, Kathy Traugott, Ann Guzzetta, Bob Owen, Lisa Delisanti, Sherry Petote, Kim Graves, Carol Millet, Jonathan MacNeill, Melissa Phillips, Donna Magliocca, Dee Dyson, Anthony Costello.
East Irondequoit Community Volunteers of the Year:  Ryan Davis, Mary Ann Pezzulo, Doreen Swan, Brian Timmons
East Irondequoit Business/Community Organization of the Year:  Laurelton Fire Department

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