Eastridge: Laptops-Required Pickup Sessions: Added 7/7/2017

Eastridge High School:  Laptops - Required Pickup Sessions (Choose One)

All students must pick up their laptops during one of the five different times listed below. Watch for mailings about particulars (forms, insurance, required Digital Citizenship Film) later this summer. Distribution will be out of Room S17-A our new laptop help center.

- Wednesday, August 23 (8:00am 3:00pm)

- Thursday, August 24 (3:00pm 7:00pm)

- Friday, August 25 (8:00am 3:00pm)

- Wednesday, August 30 (11:30am 3:00pm, following Freshmen Orientation)

- Thursday, August 31 (4:00 7:00pm, during Early Schedule Pickup/Food Truck Rodeo, Locker Setup Time)


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