Congratulations to Eastridge music students: Added 9/13/2017

to the following music students!

Alyda Timmons, Ian Yates and Savannah Devlin

were accepted into the Conference All State Choir.

Carla Rosa, Alyda Timmons, Ian Yates, Bethany VanOrden, McKena Stickney,

Savannah Devlin, Mia Hall and Safia Labrador-Hussein

were accepted into the Area All State Choir.

Nora Fitzsimmons, clarinet, Band

was accepted into Junior High Area All State

McKena Stickney, flute, Orchestra (principal)

Mackenzie Purvee, horn, Orchesra

Jill Fioravanti, trumpet, Band

Ian Yates, snare, Band

were accepted into Senior High Area All State

McKena Stickney, flute, Wind Ensemble

was accepted into Conference All State

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