Ivan Green Sock Donation : Added 11/22/2017

Ivan Green's Service committee organized a school wide sock drive to collect socks for the homeless. Students, parents and faculty donated 319 pairs of socks. First graders helped publicize the event by creating posters as an action connected to their current PYP planner about wants and needs. All donations will go to the House of Mercy.

Each day the House of Mercy provides safe overnight shelter for 570+ people and each month serves approximately 4000 people a month.

 Rochester has the fifth highest poverty rate in the nation at approximately 33%, according to a 2015 report from Rochester Area Community Foundation and ACT Rochester. That translates to about one third of our city's population, half of which are children. 

 Socks are one of the most needed items, and often the least likely donated, at the House of Mercy. Homeless are often on their feet and outside for long hours and unlike most people they don't always have access to clean, dry socks. Painful injuries and infections can occur without this basic necessity. With the winter coming frostbite is always an issue as well.

 If you would like to donate still please do so through the House of Mercy's wishlist on Amazon and items will ship directly to the House.


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