Kindergarten Class at HR has special guest: Added 1/19/2018


Barb Ferriter’s kindergarten class at Helendale Road Primary School has had a very special guest staying with them the past few weeks. 

His name is Teddy and he’s a pretty amazing character.

He’s only eight years old but he’s been around the world.

He’s never spoken a word but has been able to teach thousands of children.

Teddy is part of a program called Traveling Teddy, in fact he is the original member of a group that now includes 10 other globetrotters.  What started as one bear that visited 6 classrooms now has grown to the bears touching the lives of more than 1500 students a year.  Teddy alone has visited Ireland, Nigeria and Slovenia in the past year.

Each bear is also assigned a global goal to support.  Teddy’s mission is to help spread the word about gender equity.  Other goals include quality education and good health and well-being.

While he was in East Irondequoit Teddy was able to take part in all the activities the kids in the class did which was really special since he was here for the holidays.

Teddy’s time at Helendale might be over but he has now moved on to have more adventures and to teach more lessons.


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