EITA vs IPD Hoops Game was a Huge Success: Added 2/9/2018


It was a showdown on the hardwoods on February 3 when a team of East Irondequoit Teachers Association members took on a squad from the Irondequoit Police Department.

A packed gym at Eastridge High School turned out to not only see an entertaining game of basketball, but also to raise money for the Irondequoit Community Food Cupboard.  Both of those goals were met.

The game itself was back and forth, tied at the half the police opened up a 14 point lead after three quarters.  But the teachers would rally in the fourth, and get the lead down to three points before the IPD was able to hit some late baskets and post a 9 point win.

But it was the food cupboard that really came out on top.  The goal for the night was to raise $2,000 through admission, raffles and concessions.  By the second quarter they had reached that goal and ended up raising more than $3,000.

To see pictures from the game click here:http://www.eastiron.org/pictures/district/index.asp?sTitle=EITA%20VS%20IPD%20BASKETBALL&sFolder=2017%2D18%5CEITA+VS+IPD+BASKETBALL

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