Eastridge Students to Hold Walkout: Added 3/9/2018

In the wake of the terrible school shootings in Parkland, Florida, a national student protest was formed. Students at Eastridge have been in discussions with staff about holding a brief walkout focusing their attention on honoring the seventeen victims in Parkland and calling for safe schools across the country. The student leaders met with Principal Tim Heaphy, the security staff, and the Irondequoit Police Chief, Richard Tantalo. It was stressed that any protest had to be safe and remain on campus and the student leaders were in full agreement. Here is a summary of the plans:

  •  Students will be allowed to leave their 4th period classes and calmly walk toward the track (or gym if the weather is stormy).
  •  Students plan to walk around the track as the names and short biographies of the victims in Parkland are read by students.
  •  After seventeen minutes, they will return to their classrooms.
  •  Students will not be compelled to participate in the walkout. Teachers who have classes at that time will remain in class to teach those who are not participating. Other staff members will supervise the halls and perimeter of the protest to maintain safety.
  •  Police will be on hand to help the protesters maintain safety.
  •  Students may not leave campus at any time during the protest.
Note: To maintain a safe and secure environment, the campus will be closed from 9:45am through 10:30am to all visitors. No visitors will be allowed during the time of the planned protest. Parents and guardians who need to pick up or drop off students during that time should plan to do so before 9:45am or after 10:30am.
Non-students are not allowed  to be present for the protest.

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