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EIMS is focused on providing our students with meaningful, relevant and challenging instruction geared at preparing them for the rigors of high school. Middle school is a time of exploration, change and growth for all students, both academically and socially. Our goal at EIMS is to develop confident, compassionate and intellectually curious students who are well prepared to excel throughout their years in East Irondequoit and beyond.

On this page you will find contact information for EIMS faculty, staff and administration. Please do not hesitate to contact me or anyone at EIMS with questions or concerns. I look forward to creating meaningful, positive and productive relationships with all students and their families.


Lori Garsin


Principal: Lori Garsin
Principal's Secretary: Sherry Petote

Assistant Principal: Brian Kurdziel

Assistant Principal: James Vallone

Assistant Principals' Secretary: Jacqueline Walker

Main Office Secretary: Gretchen Pawlak

School Nurse: Lindsay Batek 339-1404
School hours: 7:30 am - 2:24 pm
Attendance: 339-1407
Main Office: 339-1400

Cara Farneti- 6th | Chris Harnden- 7th | Peggy England- 8th

School Counseling Center Web Page
Counseling Center: 339-1405

Social Worker:Christi Haritatos/Megan Ruller 339-1523
Psychologist: Taylor O'Leary 339-1521
Dignity for All Students Act Coordinator: Megan Ruller 339-1521
Speech Therapists: Susan DeliaWood 339-1413
Secretary: Terry Anderson

Assistant Principal Assignments

Brian Kurdziel

Grade 6: Rovitelli, Fetes, Radley, Murphy, Zelter, Pfeffer

Grade 8: All Teachers

Jim Vallone

Grade 6: Friga, Henderson, Turner, Bonafede, Naegler

Grade 7: All Teachers


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