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Dear Laurelton-Pardee Community:

     The 2015-2016 school year at Laurelton Pardee will be exciting for so many reasons. First, each of our students will have a school-issued iPad. We will be spending a great deal of time learning proper iPad care and digital citizenship. 
     In addition to the introduction to iPads, we will hold monthly assemblies throughout the year. We will call them our “Community Circle” and use this time to build school community by celebrating our individuality and what unites us.  The whole school will come together to share in what we hope are student-led presentations.
     Our master schedule is also new for next year. The new schedule provides students with a 25 minute activity period each day. Students will no longer miss class for band or chorus. This schedule will also provide students with extra art and Spanish activities in addition to recess. The activity period is different from a 30-minute student lunch period where all students in the same grade level will be eating at the same time. We hope this helps build some friendships beyond the classroom.
     I am in the process of fine-tuning a behavior management system for the cafeteria. It is being designed to keep kids on “target” with a visual of an actual bulls-eye target. It will be based on recognizing positive behavior in the cafeteria and using that to create a more relaxed positive environment.
     We have some terrific new additions mixed with our outstanding students. I know it will be a great year!



Lucas Hiley, Ed.D.


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Laurelton Pardee Mission Statement
We will develop lifelong learners with active, inquiring and creative minds,
a sense of understanding and compassion for others, and the courage to act on their beliefs.

We will provide challenging programs that promote and measure growth
in order to ensure that our students become successful members of a global community.

This year we will be implementing school essential agreements. These agreements will guide our students respectful actions in all areas of our school building. Students will review these agreements with their teachers and classmates working to identify actions that will align their behavior with these expectations. Please take a moment to discuss these school expectations with your child.


I will show respect by:

  • being a positive communicator.
  • showing empathy for others.
  • acting principled in all places.
  • making a commitment every day to be a learner.


Principal: Lucas Hiley

Secretary:Lisa Lohrberg/Jennette Delly

School Nurse: Rosemary Magill, 339-1381
School hours: 8:40 am - 3:15 pm
Attendance Office: 339-1376
Main Office: 339-1370

School Counselor: Jacqueline McAllister 339-1382

Dignity for All Students Act Coordinator: Jacqueline McAllister 339-1382

School Psychologist: Amanda Lauck 339-1393

Speech Therapist: Lori Fox 339-1390


Grade Level Leaders
Grade 3: Jason DeJohn
Grade 4: Kara Lehman
Grade 5: Meghan Bello
PYP Coordinator: Meghan Bello

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