About Our District

  • EICSD is  Leader in Digital Education

    East Irondequoit provides a broad range of challenging, rigorous programs, to help
    students achieve at the highest levels, and to provide opportunities that will enable all
    students to develop their talents and pursue individual interests.
    Our goal is to prepare students to succeed throughout their school years and after
    graduation, not only academically but by being model citizens as well.

    The district consists of six schools; two pirmary(grades k-2), two intermediate(grades 3-5), one middle school(grades 6-8) and one high school.

    East Irondequoit has emerged as a leader in digital conversion, providing our students with access to devices beginning in kindergarten.  Starting in third grade students are assigned an iPad and allowed to take them home.  Once they begin attending Eastridge High School student laptops are issued. Our 1:1 initiative is aimed at providing students with personalized learning experiences that stimulate creativity and imagination as well as maximize learning opportunities. We want students to experience, connect and interact with the world in ways that traditional textbooks and curriculum alone can't provide. Technology should be a daily tool for students (as it is in many jobs now) and not an "event" like going to the computer lab or rolling a laptop cart into the classroom.