• Professional Development: 2019-2020

    The required professional develoment hours for this school year is 6.

    Professional Development Requirements/Guidelines

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    Professional Development Credit:

    If you are not able to attend a professional development workshop, please notify Alice Yatarola in the Office of Instruction, extension 1263, as soon as you know you are not able to attend. The Office of Instruction will not run workshops without adequate enrollment, and it is essential that the registration numbers are accurate. We appreciate your assistance with maintaining accurate enrollment records.

    • In order to receive professional development credit for a workshop/course, the workshop/course needs to be completed in its entirety.  Reasons for non-completion include arriving late, leaving early or missing a session of a workshop series.  If for some reason you are unable to complete the workshop/course you will need to:
      • Contact Alice Yatarola in the Office of Instruction, extension 1263. Mrs. Yatarola will provide you with the workshop presenter's contact information. You need to contact the workshop presenter to determine what make-up assignment needs to be completed and when it is due.
      • The make-up assignment will be comparable in terms of time missed.
      • If you are unable to attend the first session of a workshop/course, your name will be removed from the roster.  Completing a make-up assignment is not an option for missing the first session.


    Teaching/Facilitating a Workshop:

    • Faculty who offer approved professional development workshops/courses are compensated for their prep time and for teaching.  The options for compensation are:
      • Receive PD credit for both preparation time and for teaching.
        • One hour of prep is granted for each hour of instruction.     
      • Receive PD credit for preparation time and paid at the contractual instructor’s rate for instruction time.
    • The options for compensation will not change even if the workshop/course was taught before.
    • When co-presenting prep time or payment is not shared.


    Things to remember:

    • Presently, there is a cap of 25 professional development hours that a faculty member may accumulate (receive PD credit or compensation). This can be exceeded if a member of the Office of Instruction requests that a specific workshop/course be taken and/or presented.  Hours beyond this 25 credit cap may be considered for approval on a case by case basis, given prior approval by the Assistant Superintendent for Instruction/PDC. 
    • You must contact Alice Yatarola to drop a course. 
    • The Non-District PD Course Application Form must be submitted to the PDC at least 5 school days in advance of the workshop/conference for prior approval. The PDC will not review applications that are submitted with less than five days notice.  The PDC will not grant PD credit for applications made after the fact. 
    • PD credit is not granted for registration, breaks and lunch.  Please attach a detailed schedule and/or detailed agenda.
    • When submitting a Non-District PD Course Application Form, an agenda or workshop/conference flyer must be sent to Alice Yatarola.  Specific and detailed information is necessary in order for professional development hours to be determined.  Please do not send a link to a website. The PDC will not review applications that do not have an attached agenda or schedule.
    • Professional development should extend one’s learning and should exceed typical teacher preparation.  Non-District PD requests should directly relate to teaching/ professional responsibilities.
    • The Non-District PD Course Application Form must be submitted for PD credit even if the workshop was approved by the Building Level Conference Committee.
    • For out of district workshops, proof of attendance (certificate of attendance, letter from sponsoring agency, copy of a sign in sheet, etc.) must be provided in order for PD credit to be granted.  It is the responsibility of the individual to provide the proof of attendance.
    • Proof of attendance must be received within 30 days in order for professional development credit to be granted.  The workshop/conference will be removed from My Learning Plan if proof of attendance is not received within the time period requested.
    • If you are attending a workshop during the day and the workshop extends beyond the work day, the Non-District PD Course Application Form must be submitted to the PDC ahead of time for PD credit.
    • PD credit will not be granted for workshops/courses/institutes that award a stipend.  Please contact the Director of Professional Development for workshops/courses/institutes that require follow-up session and activities.
    • PD credit will not be granted again for workshops/courses that were completed within a year.  Consideration will be given on a case by case basis should there be a need to retake the workshop/course.
    • There needs to be a final product for book talks, webinars and on-line courses.
    • PD credit will be granted for attending coaching clinics after the required hours have been completed. 
    • CPR and First Aid will continue to count for PD credit for faculty who are required to maintain their CPR/First Aid certification and/or who are coaches for East Irondequoit teams.

    If you are interested in registering for a workshop, please go to 
    Frontline/My Learning Plan


    -Attention Community Educators with Initial Teaching Certification-

         Are you seeking professional development to fulfill the requirements for completing the 175 hours of professional development for the NYS Professional Certificate? If so, contact the EICSD Office of Instruction at 339-1263 regarding district workshop offerings

    East Irondequoit CSD Continuing Teacher and Leader Education Plan 2016-2019