• Teacher Leadership 2019-20 

    Elementary Grade Level Leaders

    Barbara Ferriter - Helendale Road Primary/kindergarten

    Danielle McRae - Helendale Road Primary/grade 1

    Pat Polsyn - Helendale Road Primary/ grade 2

    Allison Pryor/Patricia Moyles - Ivan Green Primary/kindergarten

    Donna Magliocca - Ivan Green Primary/grade 1

    Kristin Nuijens - Ivan Green Primary/grade2

    Jill Duquette - Durand-Eastman/grade3

    Susan Westcott - Durand-Eastman/grade4

    Nicole Charles - Durand-Eastman/grade 5

    Melanie Antos - Laurelton-Pardee/grade 3

    Kara Lehman - Laurelton-Pardee/grade 4

    Jacqueline Antonelli - Laurelton-Pardee/grade 5

    East Irondequoit Middle School Teacher Leaders

    Debra Friga - Grade 6 team

    Kim Rovitelli - Grade 6 team

    Andrew Cripps - Grade 7

    Ingel Schmidt - Grade 7

    Alicia Odrzywolski - Grade 8

    Bob Dioguardi - Grade 8

    Nicole Johnson - Mathematics 6-8

    Vicki Romanchik - Science 6-8

    Josh Wigel-Harris - Foreign Language

    Katie Groat - AVID Coordinator


    Eastridge High School Teacher Leaders

    Lauren O'Grady - English
    Jessica Colavecchia - Math
    Mitchell Nellis - Science
    Catherine Carroll-Edwards - Social Studies
    Cheryl Distenfeld - Special Education
    Richard Salamone - Technology
    Christina Graves - LOTE
    David Simon - Physical Education K-12/Health
    Maria Mead - AVID Coordinator

    K-12 Teacher Leaders

    Jessica Spaker - Art

    Andrea Cortellini - ESOL

    Brian Smith - Library

    Eric Traugott/Eric Trumpowsky - Music

    David Simon - Physical Education


    PBIS Leaders


    Ivan Green: Kirsten Hopsicker/ Mary Wilbert

    Helendale: Mary Jo Daughton/ Mary Daloia

    Helendale: TBD

    Laurelton: Dave Savine

    Middle School: Becky Hibbert



    East Irondequoit Professional Leadership Sequence
    In accordance with the decision made by the Curriculum and Staff Development Council, the Professional Development Committee and EITA, we are pleased to announce the creation of the East Irondequoit Professional Leadership Sequence. As of July 1, 2005 all teachers wishing to serve in a leadership position will be required to take the courses associated with that position. Anyone that has taken the Communication Workshop should not retake this sequence. However, anyone that has taken the workshop prior, may repeat Communication Skills 2 session. 

    See Professional Development for more info

      Instructional Coach

    Communication Skills 1 -Listening Skill Clusters

    Communication Skills 2 -Action Oriented Listening (Reflection)

    Curriculum, MS Team, 
    or Grade Level Leader

    Communication Skills 1 -Listening Skill Clusters

    Effective Meetings