• College Seach ProcessChoosing a college is one the biggest decisions that you will make, and there are many resources available to you. Please discuss your goals and ideas with your parents and counselors to begin this process.  Also, to help with your college search, use our comprehensive guide to College Search Guide (pdf) created by our Counseling Center.

    Helpful sites to use during your Career/College Search

    Virtual College Field Trips

    Visit a variety of colleges in the comfort of your home or school setting. At eCampusTours.com or CampusTours, go on a virtual visit to the schools that you are most interested in. Remember this is not a substitute for the actual college visit which needs to be done that before you make your final decision.

    College Application Process

    If the college you are applying to is a member of the Common Application, please use it.

    • www.commonapp.org
    • Set up name and password as a first-time user
      • User name: First initial Last name (up to 9 digits)
        • Ex.ample:  thooper
      • Password: First initial, last initial, Student ID#
        • Example: th123456
    • Follow this process to apply to all of your colleges that use the Common Application.
    • If they are not a "common application school," use the school's online application.
    • A majority of SUNY schools use the Common Application. Please do not use the SUNY application. It is much smoother for everyone if you do all your colleges on the Common Application.
    • Monroe Community College applicants must go to monroecc.edu to use their online application.  The same applies to Finger Lakes Community College: https://www.flcc.edu/, Genesee Community College: https://www.genesee.edu/ and other NY State Community Colleges.

    Helpful Information for Completing Various Sections of the Common Application

    Education Tab:

    • Eastridge CEEB Code: 334797

    School Counselor Information:

    Academics Tab:

    • Class Rank Reporting: Exact
       Class Rank: check on your transcript or with your counselor
       Rank Weighting: Weighted
       Graduating Class Size: 225
       Cum GPA: check on your transcript or with your counselor
       GPA Scale: 100
       GPA Weighting: Weighted

    Current Year Courses: Be sure to list full year classes both first and second semester

     Activities Tab:

    • You will have 10 lines to fill in your activities etc. IN ORDER OF IMPORTANCE TO YOU. Do a sample first, because it cannot be changed once you have listed them.

    Payments Tab: Click on each school individually to make your payment

    Supplements Tab: Be sure to complete the supplements required when you click on each college.

    School Forms Tab:

    • Teacher Evaluation Forms: You can print these out for each of up to three teachers and provide them with stamped, addressed envelopes.
    • Counselor School Forms: COUNSELORS COMPLETE THEM ONLINE. You don't need to bring these in!
    • Early Decision Agreement: Be sure to complete the early decision agreement; counselors will do it online. You can only do this for one college if you intend to apply early decision.
    • When applying to college, students need to fill out a transcript release form in the Counseling Center for each college they are applying to. See Mrs. Harmon

    Sample Student Resume

    Many colleges now require a Student Resume  as part of the application process.

    Letter of Recommendation

     Letters of Recommendation are required/recommended by most colleges. In order for a student to obtain a recommendation, they must complete the Student Request for Letter of Recommendation and give it to the appropriate teacher(s).