Board of Education Liaisons and Committees 2018-19

  • Eastridge High School - Kimberly Lasher, Christy Lynch, Richard Oxley, Jeffrey Petrie
    East Irondequoit Middle School - Kimberly Lasher, Christy Lynch, Doreen Swan
    Durand-Eastman Intermediate School - Jeffrey Petrie
    Ivan Green Primary School - Doreen Swan
    Helendale Road Primary School - Gary Pawlak, Idris Smith
    Laurelton-Pardee Intermediate School - Idris Smith, Patricia Storm
    Board Sunshine Committee - Kimberly Lasher
    MCSBA Legislative Committee - Patricia Storm
    MCSBA Labor Relations Committee - Richard Oxley
    MCSA Information Exchange Committee - Ronald Cooper, Jeffrey Petrie
    NYSSBA Legislative Liaison - Kimberly Lasher