• District Goals


    Goal 1: The East Irondequoit CSD will increase the academic achievement of all students through effective instruction, a rigorous and engaging curriculum, and aligned assessments.


    Goal 2: The East Irondequoit CSD will foster community connectedness: ensure that students, families and district staff engage in meaningful, authentic interactions.


    Goal 3: The East Irondequoit CSD is committed to a continued focus on Social Emotional Learning and wellness for all students and staff.  


    Goal 4: The East Irondequoit CSD will provide professional learning that enhances both educator practice and outcomes for each and every student.


    Goal 5: Develop effective systems for the recruitment, hiring and retention of diverse district and school, faculty and staff.


    Goal 6: The East Irondequoit CSD will develop a fiscally responsible budget that eliminates the 2020-21 structural deficit, meets all state regulations, and honors the District’s principles for budget decisions.


    Goal 7: The East Irondequoit CSD will complete design and begin construction of the 2019 Capital Improvement Project.