• Pre-Kindergarten Program

    The East Irondequoit Pre-Kindergarten program  addresses the social/emotional and instructional needs of our youngest learners.  We provide a safe, nurturing environment for students to explore, be creative, ask questions, and pursue interests. Our Highscope curriculum encourages our children to excel in literacy and cognitive learning, but also to develop the fundamental skills that help determine success in adult life.

    Our Highlights:

    •     Our maximum class size for Pre-K is 18 students.
    •     We have classes at Helendale Primary School, Ivan Green Primary School, and Liberty Post.
    •     Children who will be 4 years old on or before December 1, 2019 are eligible for EI Pre-K.
    •     Placement in our program is space-dependent.  A lottery will be held to determine placement in a class as well as location.
    •     Parents are expected to volunteer monthly in their child's classroom.
    •     Applications will be mailed on or around February 13th, 2019.  Acceptance letters will be mailed in the beginning of April.
    •     Click here for the Pre-K Lottery Form PLEASE ONLY FILL OUT THIS FORM ONCE

Parents of kids ages 0-4, please take a moment and fill out this survey.