• IB Diploma Assessments

    IB Assessments

    Internal Assessment Procedures

    All IAs will be submitted electronically to your teachers via Schoology.  Between February and April, you will upload your final IAs to the IB system in your classes with the help of the IB DP Coordinator and your IB teacher.

    Please follow these guidelines for your IA:

    1. Electronic back up is vital.  Students in the recent past have lost pieces of work and have had to do them again.  Save work on your school OneDrive account so that you can access it from all devices.

    2. When you use the ideas or words of others, always reference their work using the proper citation technique.  Your work will be put through www.turnitin.com to detect any plagiarism.  IB will also use software to detect plagiarism.  (See the section on Academic Misconduct for more information.)

    3. Take advantage of the feedback from your teachers by submitting drafts by the deadline.  IB restricts the number of times a teacher can give feedback to students on IAs, so if you miss a deadline, you give up the opportunity to get valuable feedback from your teacher.

    4. Stick to the final submission deadlines.  You will be happier and less stressed the more you can adhere to submission deadlines.

    5. All IAs should follow a professional and academic format including a reasonable font (12 point), double-spacing, page numbers, section headings, citations, and a works cited page.  Certain subject areas may have additional formatting rules.  Your IB teacher will inform you of these.

    6. You should include a title page for all IAs on which you ONLY put the title of the IA, the IB course, the date and your personal code (which will be provided to you by your IB DP Coordinator and/or your IB teacher).  No other identifying information (name, candidate number) should appear anywhere on your IA.  Your teacher will know it is your work because you will submit it electronically via Schoology.