• IB Program Staff Directory

    Staying in Contact with the IB DP Coordinator, your Counselor and Your Teachers

    Email is best as it is instantaneous, it provides a written, date/time-stamped record of the communication and teachers regularly check their email. All students at Eastridge have been issued both laptops and an email address. Please make sure to check your email at least twice each school day.

    Remind 101 will be used to notify students of important upcoming events/meetings/deadlines. Please sign up using the instructions provided by your IB DP Coordinator.

    All full IB students have been enrolled in a Schoology course called “IB Class of 20XX” (graduation year). Schoology will be used to house important documents (such as exam schedules) as well as for students to turn in important documents as assignments (the Extended Essay, for example). Students may also use Schoology’s messaging function to communicate with teachers, the IB DP Coordinator or other staff. Please create a bookmark for Schoology in your preferred browser for easy access https://eastiron.schoology.com/login/ldap?&school=226346512