• Eastridge High School Graduates

    Congratulations!   You’ve completed a major milestone in your life by graduating from high school!  In the spring of your senior year,  you submitted a request to have an official IB score report sent to one college or university.  IB provides this one score report for free.  Any additional score reports require payment to the IB.  While your official Eastrige High School transcript lists all of the courses (including IB courses) that you have taken, no IB scores are listed, only the grades out of 100 that you earned in the courses themselves. For this reason, Eastridge cannot provide your official IB scores to any college or university - you must request this using the IB website.

    If you need an additional score report sent to a different college or university, you have the following options:

    • You can login to the IB results website and download an unofficial score report to give to the admissions office of the new college or university.  Most colleges will require an official score report sent directly from IB, however, a printout of your scores from the candidates’ site might suffice for an admissions office to evaluate your placement in future courses.  (See instructions below on how to login to print out your scores.)
    • If the institution requires an official score report sent directly by IB, follow these instructions:
      • Login into the IB candidates website (www.candidates.ibo.org).  You will need your personal code (6-digit alphanumeric code) and your PIN.  Each of these two items were give to you in the spring of your senior year.  If you have misplaced this information, please email the IB DP Coordinator, Ms. Reynolds at terry_reynolds@eastiron.monroe.edu.


    IB Diploma login

    From this site, you can:

    • Join the IB Global Alumni Network
    • Get your exam results
    • Request transcripts


    IB Program website image

    To get your results:

    simply click on the Results tab along the top margin.  This will show you the overall score received in each IB course.  Under the “Action” column, you can click on the “Detailed results” link for each course to see your individual component scores (Internal Assessment, examination paper scores, etc...).

    To request a transcript of your official IB scores to be sent to a college or university, click on the “Transcripts” tab along the top margin.  Note the IB advises that only official transcripts will be accepted by colleges.  This screen will show you the one college or university to which your official score report was sent in August following your graduation.  To send another copy of your results to a different college or university, click on the following link:


    or visit the following site:  https://rrs.ibo.org/replacement_orders/index.cfm


    Request results image

    • Select “Request for results to Institutes of higher education”.  Choose the country (United States), state, and name of the college or university from the drop-down lists.
    • **IMPORTANT**  You must click on “Add transcript request”.  After you do this, the college you’ve chosen will appear under “Your current requests”.
    • Enter the text in the box to prove you are not a computer.
    • Your payment total will be displayed (in August of 2018, the cost was $17.00 per transcript request).  Click on “Next step”.
    • Complete the payment information.

    We are proud of your accomplishments and we wish you the best in your future endeavors!