• The History of Helendale Road School

    In 1951 the district purchased four acres of land situated on Helendale road at Westchester from the County of Monroe for $11,600. The district voted to build a school to be called Pardee School. The building contained 21 classrooms with additional facilities of combination gymnasium-cafeteria, library, teachers' room, suite of offices including health room. The district purchased the building for $850,000. The Pardee School opened in 1954.  In the 1970s, the district saw a rapid decline in enrollment and decided to close Pardee School but retain the building for future needs.  Then in 1983, in response to enrollment growth, the district decided to reopen the former Pardee Elementary School, as the Helendale Road Primary School, for students in kindergarten to second grade.  The former Pardee building needed minimal renovations.  Costs to reopen the former Pardee School, just under a million dollars, were funded as a bond project approved by voters, and the building was renamed Helendale Road to avoid confusion with Laurelton-Pardee.