School Visitation Policy

  • Parental Responsibilities when Visiting East Irondequoit Schools

    ALL visitor’s will be required to provide us with a valid state-issued ID/Driver’s license upon entering the building. If you do not have it with you, then you will not be able to go any further than the main office.

    As a faculty and staff, we welcome all parents and guardians to East Irondequoit Schools. We recognize the importance of a strong partnership between home and school and encourage that partnership. A strong relationship between home and school benefits our students, and all of us who are members of the School Community.

    When visiting your child's School, all visitors have the following responsibilities:

    1.All visitors will respect that our school is a place of learning and that learning and our children are our priority.

    2. All visitors will register in the office and obtain a proper visitor pass.

    3. All visits to a classroom will be prearranged by the visitor with the classroom teacher and the building principal.

    4. When visiting a classroom, the visitor will be respectful and not interrupt or interfere with the instruction that is happening in a building.

    5. If a visitor wants to meet with an individual within the building, the visitor will make an appointment to meet with the individual during a time that does not interfere with instruction or with the individual's other activities.

    6. Audio and video recording on the school property is prohibited without permission of the classroom teacher and building principal.

    7. All visitors will use appropriate and acceptable language and respectful behavior towards teachers, administrators, staff, students and other school visitors.