• Lancer Band FAQsWhat is it?

    • There are three seasons to participate in - spring parade band, fall field band, and winter drumline/winter guard.

    Who is eligible?

    • All students in grades 7-12 who are in the band program or any 7th to 12th graders who don’t play an instrument but want to be in colorguard. Students in 6th grade for spring parade band may be accepted at the discretion of the director and may join pit (playing mallet and other percussion instruments) for fall field band.
    • Students must participate in spring band before joining fall band (with the exception of pit members) unless otherwise approved by the director. You must participate in fall band and audition to be eligible for winter drumline.

    Can I play a sport and be in marching band?

    • Yes. There are many marching band members who also play a sport. Band members are actually encouraged to be involved in sports or other outside activities. The director and his staff are flexible with scheduling. You simply need to let the director know in advance when conflicts arise and do your best to attend rehearsal after your earlier commitments are done.

    Is marching band demanding?

    • Like a sport, marching band requires hard work, dedication, and lots of practice but the flexibility offered and the positive atmosphere make it a truly rewarding experience.

    What kind of things does marching band do?

    • Spring parade band marches in the Irondequoit and Pittsford Memorial Day parades and the Irondequoit 4th of July parade.
    • The drumline also participates in the Nazareth Teen Book Festival Parade.
    • Fall field band plays at half time for varsity football games, travels to participate in shows across the state and performs for championships at the Syracuse Carrier Dome.
    • The marching band also takes a trip each year to perform outside of the state.

    What is the schedule* like?

    • Spring parade band practices twice a week in the evenings starting in April.
    • Fall field band generally practices Tuesday and Thursday evenings starting shortly after July 4th and has a five day mandatory band camp in early August at Eastridge.
    • In September and October Saturdays are added for practice and/or shows.

    *Schedules are subject to change based on district conflicts

    I’m interested, what do I do now:

    • Contact the director Jeff Hoffman at Jeffrey_hoffman@eastiron.edu or 339-1450 ext 2415 and let him know you’re interested in marching band. Spring band rehearsals begin in April at EHS.

    Please check out our Eastridge Parents for Music site - epfm.org for additional info