• Students Connecting to the Global Proxy at Home

    Please share this important information with all students!!


    The Global Proxy is the mechanism that restricts student internet content outside the district.


    We have had many reports of students that are having problems when connecting to Schoology at home. When outside the district, the student MUST login to the global proxy before accessing Schoology or other internet content. The IT Dept. has installed a new app (webclip icon) on the student iPads called “Proxy Login @ Home” – When at home, they can click this app and it will bring up the proxy login screen shown below on the left. It is basically a webclip that will bring them to www.hippocampus.org after they login. They will use their district net­work userID and password on the blue screen shown below on the right. They can then go back to the Schoology app, and login using their network credentials again. Please share this with all your students.

     ipad screen with global proxy login circled              proxy login screen                       


    Also Important!! Every student iPad must:

    1.  Be logged into iCloud with their Apple ID.

    • Settings > iCloud > Log in with Apple ID and password.
    • Answers to potential questions: Merge or Don’t Merge = “Merge”, Turn on Find My iPad = “OK”

    2.  Have iCloud Backup Turned on.

    • Settings > iCloud > Backup > On

    3.  Have Find My iPad Turned on.

    • Settings > iCloud > Find My iPad > On

    4.  Have iCloud Drive Turned on.

    • Settings > iCloud > iCloud Drive > On

    5.  Have iCloud turned on in Notability App.

    • In Notability App > Gear (at bottom left) > iCloud > On
    • Troubleshooting: If “iCloud Not Available” displays, make sure iCloud Drive is On (see step 4).
    • If iCloud still does not turn on:
      • Reset iPad by holding down Home and On/Off buttons until white Apple shows, try step 5a again.
      • If iCloud still will not turn on please call the Help Desk.