• French

    The French classes at Durand Eastman have been very productive for the students this year.  Along with the essential vocabulary of days,  months, numbers, seasons and salutations they have learned vocabulary for parts of the body, sports, time and money, just to name a few.

    Added to that is an extensive cultural background of countries that speak French,such as France and other European countries, African countries such as Senegal, Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria. Also included were island countries like Tahiti, Martinique and Guadeloupe.

    Community events that warranted attention were the RBTL’s production of “Les Miserables” and the Monet exhibition at the MAG. The students were also made aware of the Winter Carnival in Quebec City as well as Mardi  Gras in Nice, France.
    Many videos introduced the students to these events.

    Making of holiday cards and postcards, doing coloring sheets of Paris and Monet and singing songs were also activities that enhanced their learning.

    In all, C’etait magnifique!