• We Support Professional Development


    Master educators are life-long learners who engage in ongoing growth and development.  Toward that end, the District has an expectation of its professionals engaging in professional learning for a specified number of hours each year.  In addition, the District compensates the professionals that engage in professional learning beyond the expected number of hours each year, up to a pre-determined cap. 


    During the 2021-22 school year, all teachers and support services staff must complete 18 hours of professional development provided outside of school hours.  All teachers and support services staff will be compensated at an hourly rate for voluntary professional development hours beyond the expected 18, up to 30. 


    The 30-hour paid PD cap may be exceeded if a member of the Office of Instruction requests that a specific workshop/course be taken and/or presented.  


    Feel free to attend approved professional development of interest beyond 30 hours. Although the extra compensation might cap at 30 hours in 2021-22, professional learning is always encouraged.