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    Professional Development During School Hours 

    Complete the Conference Request Form available online in EINET/Business Office/Conference.  This form must be submitted to your building conference committee and approval by your principal.   Professional Development credit is not awarded to conferences or professional development completed during the school day.   

    On some occasions the Office of Instruction may invite you to participate in a workshop during school hours located either in the district or off-site.  In such case, directions will be provided regarding the Conference Request Form.   


    Profession Development Outside of School Hours 

    There are two ways that you can attend Professional Development outside of school hours.  The first is by registering for something of interest that is on the East Irondequoit CSD My Learning Plan catalog.  If you choose this, simply enroll in the selected experience.   

    Click Here to Login to My Learning Plan 

    The second way is by making a proposal to attend Professional Development elsewhere (including online) at least 5 days prior to the course.   In order to so this, submit a Non-District PD Request, which can be found in My Learning Plan, to the Professional Development Committee (PDC).   

    Professional development should extend one’s learning and should exceed typical teacher preparation.  Non-District PD requests should directly relate to teaching/professional responsibilities.   

    When submitting a Non-District PD Course Application Form, an agenda or workshop/conference flyer must be sent to Alice Yatarola as part of the process.  Specific and detailed information is necessary in order for professional development hours to be determined.  Please do not send a link to a website.  The PDC will not review applications that do not have an attached agenda or schedule.   

    The PDC will review your proposal and notify you if you are approved to attend.   

    Professional Development hours/credits are accrued for Professional Development that is offered by the district outside of school hours or that you are approved to attend by the PDC outside of school hours.   

    Please contact Alice Yatarola at x 1200 or alice_yatarola@eastiron.monroe.edu if you have questions about registering for professional development or how much professional development you have accrued. 


    Dropping a Course

    Please contact Alice Yatarola at x. 1200 or alice_yatarola@eastiron.monroe.edu to drop a course.