• Parent and Family Engagement (Title I Policy)

    The District strongly encourages parent and family member engagement in all school programs. The District believes that a partnership between school and parents/families is essential for the success of all students in every aspect of their education.
    The District and the Title I Coordinator will work to involve parents and families in the development of all Federal and State grants. The District will work with the PTA/PTSA units to identify parent/family representatives from each school to meet at least once a year with the Title I Coordinator to review the Title I program. Through District and Building Level Site Based Teams, parents and family members also will participate in the process for developing either a comprehensive or targeted “support and improvement plan” when the school their child attends is identified by the State as needing this plan.

    Through coordinated efforts by the Office of Instruction, building principals, Site Based teams and PTA/PTSA Representatives, the District will assist all schools in planning and implementing effective parent/family involvement activities to improve student academic achievement and school performance. Various assessment tools, effective practices information and resource support programs for parents/families will be used to implement these activities.
    The District will send information to parents/families in a plain language format intended to be understood by all parents/family members.

    The District will support parents/family members in understanding State and local academic achievement standards and assessments as well as Title I requirements. The District will provide materials and training to help parents/families improve their children’s academic, social and emotional growth through literacy training, technology use and understanding of learning styles, strategies, health and safety issues.

    With input from parents/families the District will provide professional development to all District staff regarding parent/family engagement. Examples of professional development may include how to reach out to, communicate with, and work together as equal partners with parents/families, ways to implement parent/family programs, and how to build home school relationships.


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