You're Welcome at the Diversity and Equity Committee

Diversity and Equity Committee Mission Statement
  • All East Irondequoit community members are invited to participate in our Diversity and Equity Committee, which meets about once each month to study and discuss issues related to diversity, equity, and the "-isms" that keep our society from fulfilling its full potential. The mission of the Diversity and Equity Committee is to continuously educate ourselves in order to develop systems, structures, and people that are more conscious of differences, more culturally competent, and more culturally reflective and responsive. The Diversity and Equity Committee is led by district equity faciliators, individuals who are passionate about ensuring that all students and their families are treated without bias. We welcome new members at all times.  To be added to the invitation list and receive more information about the meetings, please contact Cheryl Dobbertin, Director of Secondary Education, at