• Superintendent Updates


    August 10, 2020


    Good Morning,

    The East Irondequoit Central School District will be holding a series of community Zoom meetings to address the reopening of schools in September. 

    There will be three live opportunities to hear responses to questions that we have received from families as well as questions submitted during the sessions.  Questions can be submitted via email to communications@eastiron.monroe.edu


    The meetings will be held at the following times:

    8/11 at 5:00 PM

    8/12 at 10:00 am

    8/18 at 1:00 pm

    You can join the meetings by clicking on this link:  https://ensemble.monroe.edu/Watch/eicsd


    Because of the high volume of participants, the chat feature will be disabled however, the administrative cabinet will be available to answer questions as they are received.

    These meetings will also be recorded and posted on the district website for viewing at a later time.



    August 7, 2020


    Good Afternoon Lancer Families,


    Per the Governor’s remarks today we have been given permission to reopen our schools this fall.  East Irondequoit is ready, but we need your help to finalize some of the details in our school reopening plans. Here is what we need your help with:


    1. Please create a Parent Portal Account in Infinite Campus.  Activation Keys were mailed on Wednesday along with directions to create an account.  Having a Parent Portal account will be critical in completing a daily health assessment of your student. 
    2. This evening our IT Department will be pushing out updates to all of our East Irondequoit devices. We need your help to initiate the update by shutting down your student’s device and then rebooting them.
    3. On Monday, August 10th through Friday, August 14th all of our Lancer families will need to complete a new survey in the parent portal asking you to make your final choice on whether your student will return to in-person learning on September 10th  (5 days at elementary and hybrid at secondary) or full-time remote learning. You can find the survey link in the announcement section of the portal.  Please take a moment to provide us with this information regardless if you have already made a selection in the past. 


    I have received some questions regarding details of the Reopening Plans submitted to the New York State Department of Education. I will address those questions and invite you to submit additional questions in order to build clarity around the plan. The full plan can be accessed on our website, however, we have created a series of videos to help bring that plan to life. Please go to www.eastiron.org/reopeningvideos to learn about the details of the plan along with messages from our principals about what you and your child can expect this fall at their school building. If you have any questions specific to your student’s return to their school building, please do not hesitate to reach out to the school principal, assistant principal or school counselor.


    Finally, I want to share that this fall, rather than mail a school district calendar to every household, we are placing the 2020-2021 monthly calendar on our website. The reason for this change is in large part due to the fluidity of the school calendar and the amount of unknowns moving into September. Currently, the Governor’s Executive Orders from last spring have prevented us from hosting events that bring large numbers of people together. That means we will not be able to host our typical fall Open Houses and welcome back events. Our principals have been working behind the scenes to find alternative ways to celebrate the return to school and they will be sharing those ideas and seeking input as we prepare to reopen. Having the ability to make changes to the annual calendar will make it a more reliable resource for our families. 


    I hope everyone continues to stay safe and healthy as we enjoy the last few weeks of the summer. On behalf of our Board of Education and our entire school community, we are excited to welcome all of our students back to school!


    Mary E. Grow

    Superintendent of Schools

    East Irondequoit CSD



    July 31, 2020




    Last Friday I sent the East Irondequoit School community an update regarding our planning for the September reopening of our schools.  Today, we will submit our reopening plans for the fall to the New York State Department of Education.  These plans are available for your review on the district website and can be accessed by clicking this link: www.eastiron.org/reopening.


    As I outlined in my update last week, we have created plans that will return our pre-kindergarten through fifth grade students to their respective elementary buildings five days a week. Grades six through twelve will follow a hybrid schedule where students will attend in-person learning every two days and will participate in a virtual learning environment when they are not physically present.  Additionally, we have created a third plan where families can opt into full-time, remote/virtual learning.  If you have chosen this option or are considering this, please look for a final survey the week of August 10th.   


    Due to the requirements for social distancing on our school district buses, we have made some adjustments to the instructional day at the elementary levels. Our primary instructional day will run from 9:15 am to 3:15 pm and our intermediate schools will run from 8:35 am to 2:35 pm. Our middle school and high school bus runs will be combined and the pickup and drop-off times will not be affected.


    These are not  perfect plans. We created three plans following the guidance of both NYSED and the New York State Department of Health. These are temporary plans and they are driven by the public health crisis we are living through. Parts of these plans won’t feel good for the adults or the students, but they were created in the best interest of students and staff and driven by health and safety. We are confident that we are prepared with personal protective equipment for all students and staff, that we have thorough cleaning and disinfecting protocols in place, and that we are nimble enough to be able to adjust as necessary. 


    As we continue to plan for the reopening of schools on September 10th, our staff is committed to building relationships and creating spaces that are caring, compassionate and mindful. We have missed our students, it has not been the same without them here. We know that it will take time for our children to acclimate to their new school environment this fall, but we are ready and eager to welcome them.


    The school reopening plans include many details specific to health and safety, facilities, nutrition, transportation, social-emotional well-being, school schedules, budget, attendance, technology, instruction, special education, bilingual education, staffing, and communication.  As the days and weeks move ahead you will receive on-going communication from the principals and district office. The district website school reopening page will be the repository for all school communication including videos regarding health, safety, cleaning, visitor protocols and transportation.  Please refer to the website regularly.


    In July, Governor Cuomo said that he would make a decision by August 7th regarding the reopening of schools in New York State. That decision may require us to make additional adjustments which I will communicate immediately. 

    I am also including a list of answers to frequently asked questions some of you might have regarding the opening of schools. This list can also be found on our website.


    Mary E. Grow

    Superintendent of Schools

    East Irondequoit CSD