• Daily Student Health Screening Instructions


    1.  Go to the district webpage: eastiron.org


    2.  Click on Infinite Campus at the top of the website.


    Website header with Infinite Campus Circled


    3.  Click on Campus Parent.


    4.  Log in with your Username and Password OR click on “Click here to request a parent portal activation key” if you do not have a Parent Portal account.


    5.  Look for the link in the District Announcement and click on it


    Message Center in Inifinite Campus


    6.  Answer the health screening questions for each student in your household and submit.


    7.  After the first time you complete the questionnaire, a quick link will be available for you to bookmark. This will make the daily process quicker and easier.


    Below is what the questions you will need to answer daily.


    student screening