• EICSD School Reopening Updates


    Frequently Asked Questions


    1. If my child has symptoms not related to COVID-19, i.e. common cold, flu, etc., do they need to stay home until their symptoms resolve?


           If a student is exhibiting symptoms not related to COVID-19, then yes, stay home until symptoms are resolved and the student feels well enough to be in school.  Unfortunately, many symptoms related to COVID-19 are the same as other ailments such as the common cold and flu.  If a student is exhibiting any of the symptoms listed on the health screening questionnaire, they will need a health assessment by a health care provider. According to the New York State Department of Health (as of 10/1/20), a student may be cleared to return to school after a negative COVID-19 test result OR a signed note explaining a known chronic illness or specific alternate diagnosis.  Keep in mind that the diagnosis cannot be nondescript, such as a common cold or common stomach bug.  A negative COVID-19 test result would be needed in a case of a non-descript illness that has COVID-19 symptoms.


    1. If my child has symptoms on the COVID daily health screening that are related to a pre-existing health condition, i.e. symptoms related to allergies, migraines, etc., should I answer yes to the symptoms on the health screening?


          You would answer yes if the symptoms are NEW or WORSENING for your student and seek guidance from a health care provider.  Also, if the school’s health office does not already have it on file, please consider having your healthcare provider send documentation to the school nurse describing any common symptoms your student may exhibit due to a diagnosed pre-existing condition.  This will help our nurses better determine if a further health assessment and/or COVID-19 testing might be necessary.


    1. If my elementary student is quarantined and has to learn from home, will my child be assigned a new teacher while they are learning from home?


         It is largely dependent on the circumstance and how long the child will be at home.  Ideally the child will remain on the roster of the existing classroom teachers and will be supported by that teacher while absent.  In the event a quarantine or illness is anticipated to extend beyond a two-week period the school principal will work with the family to make the necessary accommodations which may include a switch to a remote educator.


    1. How do I contact the help desk if my child’s device isn’t working properly or they are having a technical problem with an educational program?


         Families can contact our helpdesk at 339-1204 between the hours of 7 am and 3:30 pm, or go to our website at www.eastiron.org/helpdesk, click on ‘’Help Desk Form” and fill out the form so that a tech can get back to you as soon as possible.



    1. How do I sign up for a parent portal account?


         Visit our website at eastiron.org, click on “For Parents” and then “Resources” and click on the link to “Request a Parent Portal Activation Key” or click here.    When you enter your email to receive the activation key, you must make sure that you enter the email address you listed upon registering your child.   If the email you entered does not match the email the district has on file you will not receive an activation key.   If you don’t remember the email address you used, you may call your child’s building secretary for assistance. 


    1. What do I do if I forgot my Parent Portal Log in or password?


         Visit our website at eastiron.org, click on “For Parents” and then “Resources”  or click here and follow the instructions listed for “Forgot Password” or “Forgot Username”.


    1. Where do I find the daily health screening?


         You can find the link to the daily health screening in the announcement section in the parent portal message center after you log in or click here for detailed instructions.


    1. How do I order school lunch for my child?


         Please see detailed instructions on the School Nutrition Page of the East Irondequoit Website:  https://www.eastiron.org/orderinginstructions

    General instructions:


     All parent and students can log into to the Infinite Campus Parent or Student Portal with their credentials and order meals for their student/themselves. After submitting their order for the first time, they will get a unique link that they can bookmark that will automatically log them in. They will also get a unique link for the COVID self­-screening.  Students can find the link to order meals and the COVID Screening in the Message Center when they log in.

    • In-school meal orders are due by 9am.
    • Remote learner meal orders are due by 10am.

    MS/HS 2 remote days’ meals need to be ordered by 9am on their second morning in school


    1. Where and when do I pick up breakfast/lunch for my child learning from home?


         Meals are available for pick-up at any school building from 12 -12:30pm daily when school is in session.  Look for the “Meal Pick-up” yard sign for the designated pick-up door at each individual building.  Click here for a map of each location.


    1. Why are school lunches free right now?


        On August 31, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) issued a press release stating that they are extending several flexibilities through December 31, 2020, OR until available funding runs out.  The flexibilities allow summer meal program operators to continue serving free meals to children. 


    What this means for East Irondequoit is we will be able to offer breakfast and lunch to all students, free of charge



    1. How do I switch my child from remote learning to in-person/hybrid learning? Or from In-person/hybrid learning to remote learning?


         A survey will be sent on 10/16 that will ask if your child will be remaining in remote learning or will be returning to in person learning at their school at the end of the 1st marking period.  You will have until 10/23 to complete the survey.  Once you have completed it, you will receive a phone call from your child's school confirming your decision.  Students who will be returning to in person learning will start on November 9th.

    Families who would like to transition from in person to remote learning should contact their child’s school to discuss options for joining a remote learning section.


    1. What is talking points and how does it work?


         Talking Points is a service that allows teachers and principals to text parents, guardians, and students in their own preferred home language.  The recipient can respond directly to the message in their preferred language and the text message will be translated into English for the teacher/principal to read.  An app is available for parents to send and receive messages if preferred.  Instructions on downloading and using this app can be found on our district website at eastiron.org, “For Parents”, “Resources – Talking Points”.