Striving for Culturally Responsive Curriculum

Four elements of culturally responsive curriculum
  • East Irondequoit has made a commitment to the development of culturally responsive curriculum as part of our annual curriculum renewal cycles.  All teachers who wish to write curriculum are invited to submit proposals detailing how their work will address the four quadrants of the district's definition of culturally responsive curriculum show above.  In addition, curriculum writers receive professional development in order to prepare to write.  East Irondequoit  curriculum writers are also partnering with outside organizations (The University of Rochester's Center for Urban Education, the Monroe 1 and Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES) to develop regional culturally-responsive curriculum.  The four elements of culturally responsive curriculum are based on the work of Zaretta Hammond (Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain) and NYU's Curriculum Scorecard.  They include:

    • Providing all students with an equal opportunity to master grade level  standards and use aligned assessment and reteaching as necessary to ensure that they do so.
    • Incorporating practices that build all students' intellective capacitysuch as  learning targets, data trackers, and reflection on what has been learned and what still needs to be learned.
    • Incorporating materials and perspectives that reflect and affirm students' identities and cultures while also disrupting the power dynamics that privilege dominant groups.
    • Intentionally incorporating learning science to ensure that all students engage with and master the expected content, skills, and understandings.