Durand Eastman -September 2021


    Dear DE Families,


    I want to give you a few pieces of important information that will help you as we get the year started and to introduce you to our new staff members. Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year!  It is hard to believe that we are looking to start another school year. The past year seemed to go on forever, yet it seemed to go by in the blink of an eye. 


    I cannot stress enough just how proud I am of all the staff in our building, and at the district level. A major source of pride for us last year was the fact that we were one of the few districts around to have elementary students for in-person instruction five days a week! Further, the work our remote teachers did for those students not in-person was simply amazing!


    As we prepare for September, I want to assure you that every decision will be made with one thing in mind, the health and safety of our students and staff.  If you have any concerns about your student’s return to school, please reach out to me to set up a time to talk.   Our hope is to return to some sense of normalcy with a focus on instructional practices that continue to move students forward. With the support of our central office, we have added instructional interventionists in both mathematics and ELA literacy. The goal is to help identify students in need of acceleration around NYS learning standards. 


    We will begin our year focusing on social and emotional needs as we bring back all students to in-person instruction and as well as acclimating them to whatever mitigation practices are needed as we receive guidance from the district. 


    As we have done the past two years, we will continue our work around culture and climate at Durand Eastman using student voice to help us make building-based decisions on projects and expand that to include the family voice.  We will also continue the work our staff has done over the past several years developing teaching strategies that support inclusivity for all our students.   


    I am so looking forward to this school year! 


    Please know I am just a phone call away should you need anything.  


    I wish you all good health.




    ***Please know for the first day of school we will have staff members greeting students to help them to their classrooms.


    NEW STAFF and Interventionists

    New Teachers

    3rd Grade: Ms. Meldrum and Ms. Funk

    4th Grade: Ms. Plato

    5th Grade: Ms. Menelas and Ms. Carley

    PE:  Steve Garrand



    ELA Interventionists:  Ms. Herman and Mrs. Moser

    Math Interventionist: Ms. Howe and Mrs. Charles

    Additional Support Staff

    ESOL: Christine Perrotti

    Social Worker: Andrea Catafalano

    School Psychologist: Kim Gingrich

    Speech- TBD


    Arrival and Dismissal

    Our school start time: 8:20 AM

    Our End Time: 2:35 PM

    Just so you know how it will look, students will be released from the bus at 8:20 and have an opportunity to pick up breakfast in the main hall and go to their room.  At dismissal, student’s buses will be called over the announcements and released to their bus.  Walkers and parent-pickup students will be released around 2:50.

    Specifics on arrival and pick up are as follows:


    Arrival Procedures

    Please do not drop off your child at school any earlier than 8:20 a.m., as we do not have staff available to supervise students prior to that time.

    The morning drop-off area for families will be the Baymouth St. door by the flagpole. The front bus loop is for buses only.  Please do not park in any staff-designated parking spots in the front or back of the school. Bus students will use the front door entrance. Arrival after 8:35 will be through the front door by a door buzzer / camera system to the main office.  Parents / visitors will be instructed to enter the foyer area for assistance.



    If your child must be excused early for any reason, a written excuse is required on the morning of that early dismissal stating the time and reason he/she is to leave.  The secretary will call your child from class and he/she will meet you in the office.  We do not call for the students until the parent has arrived to ensure your child misses as little instructional time as possible. Do not go directly to the classroom to pick up your child.  If your child is returning to school on the same day, please escort him/her to the Main Office to record the re-entry on our log.  If you are picking up your child or changing their transportation for the day, a note must be received that morning and given to the teacher.  The teacher will note the change and forward the note to the Main Office. Please call the school with any dismissal changes prior to 1:00 p.m. so that we can make necessary changes to the dismissal lists without interrupting classroom instruction. We will be dismissing your child to you at 2:50 p.m. daily in the back of the school through the door near the gymnasium. Here is the pick-up protocol at the end of the day:

    Do not go directly to the classroom to pick up your child.

    **If you are picking your child up between 2:00 PM and 2:35 PM, please do not park in the front bus loop. Please be advised that once the buses pull into the loop, they are not able to move again until after all children have boarded at approximately 2:50pm. If you are blocked in, you will not be able to get out of the loop until after the buses depart.

    Daily pick-up procedures for after school pick-up starting at 2:50 PM

    1. Please do not get out of your vehicle to wait at the back door of the gym. This is to avoid any social distancing issues.  When folks crowd the door, we cannot maintain appropriate social distancing. It is not safe.
    2. We asked that you come no earlier than 2:50 so buses can get into the front loop.
    3. I am asking that you start your pickup process by going down Dayne Street to Aragon Ave and up Baymouth to the entrance to the parking lot. Here is a photo  of what that would look like highlighted in yellow.  The first vehicle will stop at the parking lot entrance with other vehicles behind.  Cars will not be allowed in until buses have cleared.
    4. Once cars are let in, our staff members will approach your car with a clipboard and ask for ID to have you sign out your students. They will radio into the Gym to have your student sent out.  If we all follow the same routine this should be a quick process.  Again, I cannot have folks gathered out of their cars at the doors.


    3rd Grade Families: Don’t forget our 3rd Grade Meet and Greet on August 26th at 2:00 PM.   Here you can learn where your classroom is, meet your teachers and drop  off any supplies!


    Reopening facts and Frequently Asked Questions

    This Link here will take you to the district website regarding reopening plans.



    Hello DE Families!

    Welcome back!

    I'm Debra Raff-Monajati, the New President of the PTA.  I have a 4th Grader at DE who was hybrid and at home last year and so, is looking forward to a new year, new friends and of course, a 2 story building! The Durand Eastman PTA is also excited about many events that will be coming your way this school year.  We are always looking for new members and volunteers for our fundraisers and events. Membership is easy and your $5 dues will go back to supporting our kids and teachers at DE!  Sign up here: https://app.memberhub.com

    Please join the DE Facebook page to stay up to date on the events we are sponsoring at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/durandeastmanpta


    The new PTA officers elected for the 2021-2022 school year are the following:

    President- Debra Raff-Monajati

    Vice President- Jennifer Gaudieri

    Treasurer- Christine Marini 

    Secretary- Carrie Burdick 


    Thank you SO MUCH for stepping up and volunteering to keep this PTA going!!!


    School Health

    Students who exhibit symptoms at school (or upon arrival), or with a temperature of 100.0 degrees Fahrenheit,  will be sent to the nurse immediately.  The school nurse will perform additional screening measures and send the students home when appropriate.  If a parent or guardian is asked to come pick up a student they will need to call the nurse directly at 339-1354 when they arrive at the building and meet the nurse and their student at the door by the flagpole (Baymouth street side).

    The district will notify parents/guardians of a positive  COVID-19 case in our building, and families will be notified for contact tracing only if their student was in close contact with an infected individual.



    Due to our mitigation efforts, we will be limiting visitors into the building.

    • Parents will not be allowed to come in for classroom visits and/or lunch times.
    • Visitors arriving for scheduled meetings will need to wear masks at all times.


    Picture Day is October 15th

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