• October 8, 2021 - EHS NEwsletter


    Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration Next Week!


    Are You Interested in Working at Eastridge?     

    We love to have community members join the East Irondequoit Central School District team.  Here is the address for openings at Eastridge High School and across the district (Food Service, Transportation, Teachers, Substitutes, Secretaries, Aides, and more!)      https://www.eastiron.org/domain/51


    School Picture Retake Day – October 28 in the Morning


    Finding the Right College or Skilled Trades Job


    Please save October 28 (6:30 – 8:30 pm) on your calendars – especially seniors and their parents or guardians.  We are hosting an evening where our counseling department will be discussing what should take place during the fall of the senior year as students apply to colleges.  Local skilled trade agencies will present pathways into skilled trades, and we will also have some employers on hand recruiting students into the skilled trades.   We look forward to seeing you there.

    FAFSA Workshops and Resources

    The FAFSA is a form that must be filled out in order to receive most forms of college financial aid.  Use this link for an overview of the FAFSA process: https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=FAFSA+Khan+Academy&adlt=strict&qpvt=FAFSA+Khan+Academy&view=detail&mid=8CA4419379439BB9DD818CA4419379439BB9DD81&FORM=VRDGAR&ru=%2Fvideos%2Fsearch%3Fq%3DFAFSA%2BKhan%2BAcademy%26qpvt%3DFAFSA%2BKhan%2BAcademy%26FORM%3DVDRE%26safeSearch%3Dstrict%26adlt%3Dstrict&safeSearch=strict


    We have two dates on our calendar when a local financial aid representative will be helping parents and students to fill out their financial aid forms.

    • Tuesday, 10/19 from 5:00-7:00 (virtual) with Renee Swift from Nazareth
    • Tuesday, 11/16 from 5:00-7:00 (in-person) with Renee Swift from Nazareth


    If you would like to register for one of these sessions, please call 339-1453.


     Find us @Eastridge_EICSD (Twitter) or eastridge_eicsd (Instagram).

    We are constantly posting pictures and reminders of events.


    EHS NEwsletter - September 24, 2021

    Homecoming is Here!

    We had a fabulous Spirit Week at Eastridge. Homecoming is on Saturday. Join the fun!

    Homecoming, September 25, 2021, at EHS, 10:30 - Parade, 11-1 Carnival, 2pm - Football game vs. East Eagles

    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Group

    The first meeting of the 2021-22 school year will be September 29 from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. in the Laurelton-Pardee cafeteria. All are welcome, but pre-registration is required. The link to register is here: https://forms.office.com/r/XK2YB3cYiK. Masks will be required. The agenda for the first meeting includes a discussion of our upcoming equity audit and the role that you can all play in that work. Additional dates are 10/27, 12/1, 1/12, 2/2, 3/2, 3/30, 4/27, and 6/1. You do not need to attend every meeting to participate.


    Teachers are purposely embedding aspects of Hispanic Heritage in lessons this month.  We also have a large after school celebration planned for October 13! Watch for details.


    Are You Interested in Working at Eastridge?     

    We love to have community members join the East Irondequoit Central School District team.  Here is the address for openings at Eastridge High School and across the district (Food Service, Transportation, Teachers, Substitutes, Secretaries, Aides, and more!)      https://www.eastiron.org/domain/51


    Fun in Irondequoit for Kids of All Ages

     Fall Harvest Festival, Sunday, October 10th 1-4pm @ Helmer Nature Center 154 Pinegrove Ave

    What if My Child has a Temperature or Other COVID Symptoms?

    Nobody may enter the building if they have a temperature or COVID symptoms.  See the flow chart  to determine what must happen if someone has symptoms.



    Find us @Eastridge_EICSD (Twitter) or eastridge_eicsd (Instagram).

    We are constantly posting pictures and reminders of events.


    EHS Newsletter - September 17, 2021


    Parent Warning: Social Media Posting Encourages Teens to Steal and Vandalize

    There is a social media challenge on TikTok that has been viewed by millions of teens throughout the country.  It encourages them to steal things from school under the tag “Devious Licks”.

    This challenge has led to vandalism at Eastridge and schools across the country this week.


    We are asking parents to please talk to your children about the dangers of this social media trend and the consequences.  I have also made an announcement to the students during school.


    A few years ago, there was a Tide Pod Challenge on social media that encouraged to children and teens to swallow laundry detergent.  This new TikTok challenge is urging them to steal items and be destructive.  The overarching issue relating to all challenges on social media is helping our kids to not be baited into doing dangerous or destructive things when someone posts a “challenge”. 


    Students who vandalize the school are being held responsible with disciplinary consequences and are required to pay restitution to the school district.  Depending on the severity of the damage or cost of the stolen items, the police may be involved. 


    Spirit Week Begins

    Heritage Monday - celebrate your culture or heritage 

    Support a Cause Tuesday - (ex. Pink to support a cure for Breast Cancer) 

    Wacky Wednesday wackiest, mismatched, crazy outfit 

    Hippy Thursday - Get your Funk On and maybe wear your favorite Tie Dye! 

    School Spirit Friday - Wear Blue and White, Lancer apparel, or sports teams uniforms  

    Pep Rally in the Stadium on Friday during school!


    Want to Work at Eastridge?



    We love to have community members join the East Irondequoit Central School District team.  Here is the address for openings at Eastridge High School and across the district (Food Service, Transportation, Teachers, Substitutes, Secretaries, Aides, and more!)



    EHS Newsletter - September 10, 2021


    Rainbow of Stars Marching Band Competition

    The Eastridge Marching Band season kicks off at home on Saturday as marching bands from around this area of NYS converge on Eastridge for the first big completion of the year. Tickets are available at the gate.



    Masks and Indoor Athletic Events

    People who enter the school buildings at any time must wear as mask.  This includes all indoor athletic events.  Students and visitors must properly wear a mask at all times. Failure to wear a mask properly will result in the person being asked to leave.

    Information About COVID Testing

    The NYSDOH is requiring East Irondequoit to offer weekly screening COVID-19 testing to all our unvaccinated students with parent/guardian permission.  The screening tests will be the same tests we administered last fall when we were in the micro-cluster red zone.  These are the Abbott BinaxNOW shallow nasal swab tests provided by the Monroe County Department of Health.  Consent is required for all students.  If you would like to opt your student(s) into testing, please log into the Infinite Campus Parent Portal and click on the link in the announcement pictured below.  The Infinite Campus Parent Portal can be found here: https://ic.eastiron.monroe.edu/campus/portal/parents/eiron.jsp  You may also print out the consent form that was sent with this E-news- and return the form to the main office at Eastridge.  If you do not want your student to participate in COVID-19 weekly testing, you do not have to take further action.  Weekly testing will begin the week of October 4th and parent/guardian will be notified prior to the test being administered.

    School Pictures

    School pictures will be taken on September 13 and 14 in English classes.  Your child was told during English which day they should be prepared to have their photos taken.  If you are interested in ordering photos and do not have a form, your child can pick one up in the main office or from the photographer.


    Is Your Child “Shutting Down” the Computer at Night?

    It is very important that your child shuts down the laptop at the end of the day.  Simply closing the lid does not shut down the computer.  Important updates are not installed on the computers when it is not turned off each day. 


    Delivering Food to Schools and Students Leaving School Grounds

    Please do not deliver fast food to schools and talk with your children about using the GrubHub, DoorDash, or other similar services about having food delivered to school.   In previous years we’ve had students try to get out of classes to get food deliveries, but we send the delivery people away.


    Also – a reminder that students cannot leave the building during lunches or study halls. 


    The Plug Fits So Why Can’t I Use a Different Charger with My Laptop?

    The chargers for the district laptops have a very specific wattage designed for that particular model.  If a different charger is used, there is a good chance that the laptop will be damaged. The Protection (insurance) Plan does not cover this type of damage.


    Find us @Eastridge_EICSD (Twitter) or eastridge_eicsd (Instagram).

    We are constantly posting pictures and reminders of events.


    EHS Newsletter - September 3, 2021


    First Day of School – September 8

    We are excited to start the school year and see everyone.


    We will strive to get everyone into a predictable routine over the first two weeks of school, which will bring normality to learning while connecting with others.


    We have many new systems in place so it is inevitable that adjustments will need to be made.  We will watch what is going on over the first few days and weeks and shift as necessary.  Hopefully, any alterations will be minor.  We will let you know about any changes or developments.


    Senior Sunrise – First Day of School

    On the first day of school (September 8 starting at 6:40 am), seniors are invited to gather at the stadium for the “Senior Sunrise”.  Doughnuts and drinks will be available for all.  We will watch the sun rise on your senior year together.  In June, we will watch it set in the same location during the Senior Fun Night. 




    Masks are Required in Buildings and on Buses  

    Fabric face coverings are required of all people who are on school buses and in school.  The masks must cover the person’s mouth and nose.  Plastic shields do not have the same levels of protection and do not replace masks but are allowed in addition to a mask if the person desires.  Also, gaiters and bandanas do not count as masks because of the low level of effectiveness.


       Incorrect                                                         Incorrect                                       Correct!                    


    If a student loses or breaks a mask while at school, we have disposable masks on hand at each entrance, in classrooms, and in offices.


    Open House on September 9

    Parents and guardians are invited to walk through their child’s schedule and hear about the exciting learning that will take place in each class this year.  It is very important that an adult from each child’s household attend Open House as it is the first step in creating a positive relationship with the teachers and gaining an understanding of the rigors and expectations for each class.


    We will start at 6:30 pm in your child’s A-Day first period class.  In lieu of our normal large gathering in the auditorium, I will speak to the entire school through our electronic boards for ten minutes during first period.  Then parents will begin following their child’s schedule – spending eight minutes in each class – skipping over the lunch period.  If your child has a study hall, feel free to visit the library during that time, instead.


    Remember, cloth masks that cover the nose and mouth are mandatory of our students, staff, and visitors.


    The times for each class visit are listed below.  Look at your child’s “A Day” schedule before coming to Open House to save yourself some time.

                                                                    Room #                                  Course                                                   Teacher(s)

    *6:30 – 6:50 pm 1st class _________________________________________________________________

    6:55 – 7:03 pm  2nd class _________________________________________________________________

    7:08 – 7:16 pm  3rd class _________________________________________________________________

    7:21 – 7:29 pm  4th class _________________________________________________________________

    7:34 – 7:42 pm  5th class _________________________________________________________________

    7:47 – 7:55 pm  6th class _________________________________________________________________

    8:00 – 8:08 pm  7th class _________________________________________________________________

    8:13 – 8:21 pm  8th class _________________________________________________________________

    *Includes a ten-minute school-wide presentation.


    9th Grade Orientation – A Success

    Thanks to our senior and junior Link Crew Leaders who helped our 9th graders last week during orientation.  It was a great morning for all.  Special thanks to Link Advisors Ms. Prato, Mr. Lachance-Tofany, and Ms. Celorio for organizing the event.








    Laptops Required in Classes

    It is important that laptops are fully charged each morning so students will be ready to go as they enter each classroom.


    Students who have not yet picked up their laptops will do so during the first two days of school.  Parents must fill out the required forms.  It is heavily suggested that everyone purchases the protection plan.  Click here for a link to the forms  https://eicsd.revtrak.net/



    Rainbow of Stars Marching Band Competition – September 11

    The Eastridge Marching Band season kicks off at home next weekend (Saturday, September 11) as marching bands from around this area of NYS converge on Eastridge for the first big completion of the year. Tickets are available at the gate.





    Administrators Will Visit Social Studies Classes

    During the first week of classes, the administrative team (Mr. Heaphy, Dr. Webber, Dr. Whipple, and Mr. Costello) are visiting each Social Studies class to lead every student though a session about having a successful school year.  We will be focusing on high expectations, respectful behavior, digital responsibilities, and basic safety concerns. 


    School Picture Days – September 13 and 14

    Students will have their photographs taken for their IDs, yearbook, and for personal purchase during English classes on September 13 or 14.  They may check with their teachers about which date their class will participate in the photo sessions.  Information about ordering school pictures was mailed to homes with the summer information from school.  If your child did not receive a packet, have him or her ask for one in the main office. 


    Graduation – June 26 at 2 pm

    Graduation will be held at the Gordon Field House on the RIT campus at 2 pm on June 26.  Moving the ceremony to the Gordon Field House allows for more family members to be present.  Mark your calendars!


    “E” Stickers for Impressive Lancers

    The following students were acknowledged with “E” car and window stickers for doing something extraordinary.

    The following students are Link Crew Leaders this year.  They spent part of their summer training to run Freshmen Orientation, which was a great success.  Thank you, Link Crew members!


    Khidir Ahmed                                                    Alaadin Ali                                                          Faith Bauer

    Treasure Briggs                                                 Grace Burkin                                                      Bri Butler

    Na’Dia Carter                                                     Fendi Curry                                                         Victoria Dannenfeldt

    Miranda Davis                                                   Rae Diamond                                                     Dakota Dwyer

    David Dyakiv                                                      Yodit Ghebrezgabiher                                   Julianny Guzman

    Trevari Hamer                                                   Luis Hernandez                                                Nicole Hetzer

    Jason Kadio                                                        Em Kennell                                                         Benny Kiefer

    Imani Kinlock                                                    Tiana Kinlock                                                     Lynn Kruppenbacher

    Harry Larsen                                                      Jamyia Mitchell                                                Selamawit Molla

    Mallory Montana                                            Louisa Morris                                                    Natalia Muniz

    Ahmed Musa                                                     Mohamed Musa                                               Nayara Nescolarde

    Megan Noble                                                    Corinne O’Brien                                               Narcelin Pena Jimenez

    Narolin Pena Jimenez                                    Kayla Pham                                                        Ivanjavier Rodriguez Melendez

    Skylar Stidd                                                        Ledia Tadesse                                                   Nijeylie Torres

    Liala Washington                                             Anajee Williams                                              Bailey Wilson

    Megan Wilson                                                  Eriel Young


    Nayara Nescolarde and Yodit Ghebrezgabiher also gave tours to students and families who are new to Eastridge during are Food Truck and locker set-up evening!


    E- stickers also will be given to Na‘Dia Carter (original poem) and Fendi Curry (vocal performance) for their outstanding contribution to the district’s Opening Day for Staff last week.  Thanks, Na’Dia and Fendi!!


    If you would like to acknowledge someone in the Eastridge family for an E-sticker, send Mr. Heaphy an email with the person’s name a short description.  We will include these in our Friday Enews Updates.



    Find us @Eastridge_EICSD (Twitter) or eastridge_eicsd (Instagram).

    We are constantly posting pictures and reminders of events.