• The East Irondequoit Central School District’s “Test to Stay” Program

    November 16, 2021 

    Pursuant to its authority under New York Public Health Law and related regulations, and in connection with the New York State Department of Health memorandum concerning Updated Testing and Quarantine Supplemental Information, dated October 27, 2021, the Monroe County Department of Public Health (MCDPH) has determined that schools in Monroe County may implement “Test to Stay” (TTS), subject to the approval of MCDPH and compliance with the requirements set forth below.

    In Monroe County, Test to Stay is defined as follows: Students who are unvaccinated against COVID-19 and who are exposed to COVID-19 may attend in-person classes (instruction/academic periods), even while under mandatory quarantine orders, if: (1) the student is symptom free, (2) the school has received consent for the student to undergo daily testing, and (3) the student tests negative on each school day for seven (7) days after exposure. If the seventh day falls on a weekend or holiday, the student must be tested one final time on the first school day after the weekend or holiday.


    In the East Irondequoit Central School District, the Test to Stay protocols are as follows: 

    1. When a student is identified as subject to quarantine due to exposure to COVID 19, the parent or guardian will be contacted by the school nurse and provided information regarding the Test to Stay option. The parent/guardian must provide consent for TTS through the Infinite Campus Parent Portal or via a signed hard copy version of the consent form located in the nurse’s office. The school nurse must be in receipt of the consent form permitting daily testing prior to the administration of any testing. Copies of the signed consent form will remain on file with the school nurse and can be revoked at any time by the parent or guardian.
    2. Students participating in TTS must report to the school nurse’s office upon entry into the school building for each day of the 7-day testing window. Once in the nurse’s office the nurse will administer the shallow nasal swab, rapid antigen test. The test will be provided free of charge to any student.
    3. The student will remain in the nurse’s office while the rapid antigen test is processed, and a negative test result is determined. Once the negative test result is recorded, the student will continue their school day, including athletics and extracurricular activities.
    4. If the rapid antigen test determines a positive result for COVID 19, the student will be isolated within the nurse’s office while the parent or guardian is contacted for immediate pickup of the student. In this case, the student will remain in quarantine and only the Monroe County Department of Health can determine a return to school date. Contact tracing will occur as typical for District notification of a positive COVID-19 result. The District, specifically, the Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources will report all COVID-19 test results, including TTS, to the New York State COVID-19 report card as long as this is required, and the District will abide by all other reporting requirements under the New York State Public Health Law.
    5. Any student who develops symptoms during the TTS period must, if in school, individually, and if outside of school, through their parent or legal guardian, report this development immediately to the building principal.
    6. Students who are allowed to remain in school through TTS who participate in a school sanctioned activity such as sports or club(s) that takes place after school, over a weekend, or on a holiday may only participate in a school sanctioned activity IF (1) the activity is outdoors or (2) the student is masked at all times while indoors including but not limited to the playing or performance areas, sidelines, locker rooms, hallways, and so on. To be eligible to participate while they otherwise would be quarantined, the student must continue to comply with TTS protocols, namely, they must test using the same rapid, antigen test prior to the start of the school sanctioned event:
      1. For a school-sanctioned activity on a school day, the test in the morning is sufficient to permit the student’s attendance, as long as they remain free of symptoms.
      2. For a school-sanctioned activity on a weekend or holiday, arrangements must be made in advance allowing the student to report to a designated location at Eastridge High School between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. As with a typical school day, the test is to be administered in an isolated area, and the student participant may not leave the isolated area where they receive the rapid, antigen test unless they receive a negative test result or they are being picked up by their legal guardian or parent for transport home to begin quarantine. The individual administering the test must wear a mask at all times, and the student must wear a mask at all times unless taking the test.

    Per the Monroe County Department of Health, an exposed student who is allowed to remain in school through TTS, must remain quarantined outside of school instruction/academic periods at all times, except for school-sanctioned activities as set forth above (sports, clubs, etc.).  Monroe County has directed that when an unvaccinated student has been exposed to COVID-19, the County will issue a mandatory quarantine order, requiring the student to quarantine for 10 days following the exposure.

    A complete list of school-sanctioned activities is located in the Athletic and Extracurricular Student Handbook. Please note: the County has indicated non-school activities outside of the home during quarantine are not allowed. This includes social events, private lessons, non-school sports, playdates, sleepovers, etc. 


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