Join the EI DEI Committee

This meeting has been rescheduled to Wednesday, February 8. The discussion will focus on culturally responsive instructional strategies. 

More information:

In our DEI conversations so far this year we've discussed the "what" of culturally responsive learning.  What about the how?  What makes an instructional strategy culturally responsive (or not)?  Every day, teachers make decisions to use strategies that they hope will engage, support, and hold students accountable for learning.  

In this meeting we will discuss the pedagogical approaches (including strategies from AVID) that could be culturally responsive, or not, depending on how they are used.  We will highlight and experience various strategies and discuss their implications.  Kesha James and Shane Weigand, co-leads of the Anti-Racist Curriculum Project, will support our learning.  

The meeting will be from 4:30 to 6 p.m. in the Laurelton-Pardee Cafeteria.  All are welcome!  Please register here: