Please Read the Following Information Pertaining to IB and AP Exams Coming up May 2019

  • Dear Parents and Students please read the following information pertaining to IB and AP exams coming up May 2019.

    The Largest IB exam will be in the senior gym (IB English). The other large IB exams will be in the freshman gym (IB History, IB Math Studies).  For these exams, students will report directly to the assigned gym by no later than 7:30 for AM exams and 11:30 for PM exams.

    The IB Math SL & IB French P2 will be in room 138.

    The rest of the smaller IB exams will take place at the East Irondequoit Operations Center.  For these exams, students will meet inside the high school athletic entrance (near the pool/fitness center) by no later than 7:30 for AM exams and 11:30 for PM exams.  Once we have checked all students in, we will walk as a group to the exam location.

    • Regardless of the exam they take, all students taking PM exams should plan to eat during 1st

    Students who have been approved for extended time or other testing accommodations will be notified by their teachers to preserve the students’ privacy. Students with testing accommodations will report to the same location as all other students and will be escorted to an alternate location as necessary.

    As happens every year, there are several exam conflicts in which students are scheduled for two exams at the same time.  In these cases, the student always sits for the IB exam first.  The AP exams have already been rescheduled and the dates and times are reflected in the following exam schedule.

    Please note that students are NOT excused from classes for the remainder of the day when they have an exam.  They are required to be in class.  We have communicated this to students, and we ask you to reiterate this with them.

    Please click here for a complete listing of exam schedules. If you have any questions on this memo, please let me know.  Thank you.

    Terry Reynolds

    IB Coordinator