• Music, Physical Education & Art

    Music Class

    In Music Class, students learn how to read, write, and compose music in various keys and time signatures.  They also sing repertoire and do movement activities from many cultures.  Students perform using instruments, and in the spring can participate in a school musical.  Music technology is used in order to enhance daily learning.

    Physical Education

    Activites played in PE include: Cooperative games, Fitness stations/Fitness Testing, Rollerblading, Soccer, Football, Basketball, Snowshoeing, Volleyball, Badminton, Dance, Gymnastics, Lacrosse, Hockey, Wiffle Ball, Kickball, Team handball, Yoga, Juggling, Lawn Games (bowling, horseshoes, croquet, bocce), Goal ball, Track and Field, Ultimate Frisbee, Speedball, Tag games, Chinese Jump rope.

    Art Class

    Our art program at DE strives to build on every child's ability and interests in the arts. By providing many different materials and techniques each student can experience hands on learning.

    Many of our projects connect to the PYP program and are Inquiry based so students have the opportunity to research and apply art alongside Science, Math, personal History and global cultures.

    "Art is not what you see but what you make others see."

    Edgar Degas