Meet the Counseling Center Staff

  • Meet the Counseling Center Staff

    School Psychologists and School Counselor strive to maximize a student’s academic potential and personal success in collaboration with families, school personnel and community resources. They aspire to a child-centered system that encourages family participation in the educational lives of the children.

    School Counselor - Jeff Jasak 339-1360

    School Counselors are a type of helper in your school. We help kids with things like problem solving, understanding feelings, and making friends.

    School Counselors work with individuals and groups, help identify needs of students, encourage better interpersonal relationships, promote positive attitudes and choices, aid teachers and parents in helping students, assist people in making use of community resources, coordinate efforts with other school programs, assist students with the process of growing up, coordinate referrals to outside agencies, assist with in-service programs for faculty, participate in curriculum development, provide "preventative" services, maintain confidentiality

    School Psychologists - Dan Cathron  - 339-1357

    General Psychological Services:

    Counseling, parent conferencing and teacher consultation on educational, family, behavioral, and social emotional issues are an integral part of this service.