• Second Step Towards Violence Prevention

    We teach Second Step Towards Violence Prevention to address Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) The Second Step Program gives students the tools to excel in and out of the classroom. Each year, we continue to notice schoolwide improvement and see students make progress in emotion management, situational awareness, and academic achievement. Students learn invaluable skills that help them navigate their way through school as well as their community. Second Step’s age-appropriate games, activities, and media engage students and set children on a path to success. With this program we see students continue to improve their behavior and improve their learning. We help students to harness their energy and potential by teaching them to:

    • Listen
    • Pay attention
    • Manage their behavior
    • Get along with others

    Teachers use 28 different theme cards over the course of the school year to learn and practice techniques to assist students with self-regulation and the necessary social-emotional skills which help to set them up for success with their peers and adults in all areas of school.

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