• Pupil Personnel Services

    The East Irondequoit Pupil Services department is responsible for providing resources, programs and services to students and families in the district. Many of the resources, programs and services are required by various state and federal laws. All services and programs are an extension of the District's academic program and were developed to assure that all students have equal access to the curriculum.

    The East Irondequoit Central School District believes in the potential of the entire student population, including students with disabilities.  The mission statement of East Irondequoit Central School District states that the mission of the EICSD is to provide a variety of educational tools and programs that will enable our graduates to become college and career ready.  This statement is based on the belief that all students can learn and grow and that all staff members will assume responsibility for student learning and the fostering of students’ social and emotional growth.

    Common Core State Standards establish new, higher standards of learning for all students.  The new standards apply to students with disabilities.  Disabled students will be required to successfully complete the same course and examination requirements as their non-disabled peers.   As we move forward to improve all students’ preparation for post-school experiences, lifelong learning, and participation in a diverse world, our commitment to ALL students causes us to include representation and participation of student with disabilities as integral members of the community in all aspects of that preparation.

     Lesley Powers

    Lesley Powers-Director of Pupil Personnel Services


    Wendy Baker

    Wendy Baker-CSE/CPS Chairperson