• The Strength of our Diversity

    East Irondequoit is one of the most diverse school districts in our state


    Students writing at a table with a teacher leaning over  


    We are proud to say:

    • We have no majority race (and many who are "white" by federal designation are Middle Eastern vs. European in descent).
    • More than 30 languages are spoken in our homes and schools (Spanish, Arabic, Turkish, Ukrainian are the most widely spoken).
    • Our families, students, and staff express their genders and sexuality in different ways.
    • We serve families and students who are differently-abled.
    • Our families, students, and staff come from a variety of religious and spiritual backgrounds.
    • The composition of our families varies. Parents, step-parents, elders, aunts and uncles, older siblings, and others all support and love the students of East Irondequoit.


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    I am EI 

    Here at East Irondequoit, we truly embrace the diversity within our students and staff.  Please watch the video below to hear EI's own, Roxana Alexander, explain what makes East Irondequoit such a "magical" place to be.