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    District statement regarding COVID-19 testing in schools:

    Governor Cuomo recently made comments regarding COVID-19 testing in schools that have raised questions as they are contrary to what the state’s own guidance documents recommend. (See below.)

    “It is strongly recommended that schools comply with CDC guidance and not conduct COVID-19 testing or require testing or antibody testing of students or staff members. The decision of whether a test needs to be conducted should be determined by a healthcare provider or the local department of health.”

    Page 41 of the New York State Education Department’s Recovering, Rebuilding, and Renewing the Spirit of New York’s Schools Reopening Guidance document

    East Irondequoit CSD does not believe we will be testing students or staff on site.   Our protocol for students showing symptoms of COVID-19 is to isolate the student, have the school nurse evaluate the student and contact the parent or guardian to pick up their child.  Parents and guardians will then be instructed to contact their health care provider for further assessment.   Similarly, staff is required to consult their health care provider immediately.  The district believes that parents and guardians should be responsible for medical decisions regarding their children. 


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