• Welcome to School Nutrition

    August 2020


    Dear East Irondequoit Families,


    The East Irondequoit School Nutrition Department knows from many studies that students who eat a nutritious breakfast and lunch perform better academically, have better attendance, sharper focus, and fewer discipline problems than children who skip meals.  We’ve designed our breakfast and lunch programs to provide the healthy nutrition that growing students need, the foods and flavors they enjoy, and the good values you expect from your school meals.


    At our elementary schools: menus are based on student preferences, age specific nutritional needs and calorie values. Children will find many familiar, favorite foods and a variety of new entrees.  Children will be able to pre-order the entrée they would like from the two choices on the menu.  Each meal will then include fruits and veggies and a choice of Milk (1%, Fat-free and Fat Free Chocolate).


    At our Middle and High Schools:  Students will see an evolving menu, offering on trend entrees along with student favorites; that fulfill the nutritional needs of our secondary students with foods and flavors they want and enjoy, in portion sizes that satisfy.  Students will pre-order each morning what entree they would like from the variety of choices offered on the menu.  Each meal will then include fruits and veggies and a choice of Milk (1%, Fat-free and Fat Free Chocolate).


    Breakfast at School?   What a Great Idea!


    It is a well-known fact that students who eat a good breakfast perform better academically. That is why we in the East Irondequoit School Nutrition Department prepare breakfast for students at every grade level.


    Breakfast Meals will vary daily and offer a variety of items each morning. Breakfast meals include in addition to the featured entrée a variety of fresh fruits, juices and milk.


     School Lunch at East Irondequoit – It’s the best deal in town.


    Over the past several years school nutrition programs have made significant efforts to provide nutritious school lunches including increasing offerings of fruits, vegetables, whole grain foods, and low fat dairy; using alternative preparation techniques, such as replacing deep-fried foods with baked foods and using healthier cooking oils as well as placing limits on the fat, sugar, and caloric content of foods sold through school food service.


    Student Meal Prices:


    On August 31, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) issued a press release stating that they are extending several flexibilities through December 31, 2020, OR  until available funding runs out.  The flexibilities allow summer meal program operators to continue serving free meals to children. 


    What this means for East Irondequoit is we will be able to offer breakfast and lunch to all students, free of charge. 


    Our school nutrition plans are being reworked to include these changes and updates will be posted soon.


    When breakfast and lunch goes back to full pay, free and reduced prices:


    Breakfast and Lunch Prices:


    Full price breakfast for all grade levels is $1.35      

    Reduced Priced Breakfast for all grade levels is no charge this year.


    Full Priced Elementary Lunch -  $2.55      Reduced Priced Elementary Lunch -  No Charge

    Full Priced Secondary Lunch -   $2.75      Reduced Priced Secondary Lunch  -  No Charge


    Free lunch and Reduced Breakfast and Lunch is available for those students whose families meet eligibility guidelines.


    School Nutrition Program Prepayment Options


    Each student at East Irondequoit has a School Nutrition debit account into which parents can deposit money for meals, snacks, and drinks. We recommend that families use student accounts to avoid the necessity for students to carry cash and for the convenience of pre-paid purchasing.


    Convenient Meal Prepayment Options:


                                                     Grades K-5              Grades 6-12

    10 breakfasts                           $13.50                     $13.50

    10 lunches                               $25.50                     $27.50

    20 lunches                               $51.00                     $55.00

    30 lunches                               $76.00                     $82.50


    You can deposit any amount into your child’s account for spending in the cafeteria.

    Notify the School Nutrition Office if your deposit is to be used for purchasing meals only.


    In these new challenging times, it is best if families utilize our FREE “cashless” system MySchoolBucks. It is the safest, healthiest, and easiest way to pay for your child’s purchases in the cafeteria. 



    You will need your child’s student number to access his/her account. You can call the school nutrition office for your child’s number if your child cannot provide it. Once online, you can use your credit card to deposit funds in student accounts in any amount. Parents can also review purchase histories and set up low balance e-mails for themselves through MySchoolBucks. Parents may contact the School Nutrition office (339-1577) and request restrictions on student accounts to control student spending.  Look for the MySchoolBucks Free “APP” from both Google Play and the Apple App store.


    We still accept checks, money orders, or cash with your student, to deposit with the cashier in the school cafeteria. You can mail a check or money order (payable to “E.I. School Nutrition”) to the EI School Nutrition Office, 2350 East Ridge Road, Rochester 14622. Please include your student’s name and any instructions for deposit. Call us with any questions you may have at 339-1577.


    Our Menus Have Gone Digital & There is a FREE APP For That!!

    Check out www.nutrislice.com or the Menu Link on the East Irondequoit Website.  Photos, descriptions and even nutritional information for school menu items is available through this free service.  Feel free to also download the Nutrislice app from both Google Play and the Apple App store.


    I Forgot My Lunch!


    It can happen to anybody…. you get to school and realize the lunch Mom packed is still at home, sitting on the kitchen counter. Or you check your pockets for lunch money and find only lint!  Students in Grades Pre-K-12 will be given a meal and the cost will be added to their account. Payment must then be made the following day. The National School Lunch Program does not allow charges to the program.  Families with Remote Learners that are coming to pick up meals ~ parents will be required to have money on their child’s account or come with cash.  Parents cannot expect that the meal may be charged to the account.


    We look forward to welcoming your children school this fall. You may reach the school nutrition team by phone or email:


    Debbi Beauvais                                                                     Laurel Presher

    School Nutrition Director                                                   Assistant School Nutrition Director

    Debbi_Beauvais@eastiron.monroe.edu                             Laurel_Presher@eastiron.monroe.edu

    585-339-1577                                                                         5858-339-1575