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A Message From Superintendent Mary Grow

Superintendent's Letterhead

January 7, 2021


 Dear East Irondequoit Families,


The images and sound bites as a result of the unprecedented events at the nation’s capital yesterday were disturbing and troubling to witness.  Undoubtedly many of our students will have questions and some might be confused about what this could mean for the future of our nation.  We need to remind them that these images are not a representation of how a democracy such as ours functions.


We will provide our students with a safe space to ask questions or discuss any concerns they might have in a caring, open, and impartial manner.


If there is one thing that our children have shown us over the last few months, it is how resilient they are.  We will be there for them to help, to answer questions, and to provide the support they might need.


As a society we have been through troubling times.  We have never been defined by them, but instead by how we rise up and emerge from them, together.     



 Mary Grow's Signature

Mary E. Grow

Superintendent of Schools